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Welcome to my lil bit of b3ta

I'm a student studying English and teacher training.

In my spare time i can be seen walking around manchester in absurd clothing.

I made my big TV debut 6 years ago on Blue Peter at a bring and buy sale. Its been onwards and upwards since. I've been on many TVs in dixons, curries and comet.

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The Beach Boy's pub crawls were always so musical

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» World's Sickest Joke

possible the worst joke I've heard
Wha's the worst thing about eating bald pussy?

Putting the nappy back on
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» It was a great holiday, but...

It was great holiday but...
Afew years ago I went to Alanya in Turkey, great resort. The town is overlooked by an old castle at the top of this mountain, which is next to a cliff. Anyway, we went on this trip up to the castle, me and my family. The view from the top was fantastic, could see for miles, and looking down over the sheer drop into the ocean was equally impressive. However, getting up there in a large coach was troublesome. The road was very winding. On the journey back down, the bus couldn't take a corner so it needed to ack into it. Looking out of the back window, all the passengers could see the impending doom as the coach driver was quite casually driving the coach to the the edge of a 400 ft cliff. as the edge grew closer, I looked around in panic. A german woman was shouting "Schnell!!! Schnell!!" but the driver couldn't understand a bloody word. As the back end was hovering over the edge she got up and bellowed "SCHTOP!!!!". Quite a terrifying experience.
(Thu 21st Apr 2005, 15:01, More)