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That fine fellow Fiend graffitied me.

Flowerpot gave me a medal


This is me after a recent trip to space.

I have a website here, but I hardly ever update it, and some videos here

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You want the throne, Marvin? You're gonna have to fight me!

(Sun 8th Jan 2012, 15:46, More)

...is it cheese you're looking for?

(Sun 1st Jan 2012, 21:46, More)

The original ending didn't go down too well.

(Thu 22nd Sep 2011, 12:44, More)

Well, that's the long and the short of it.

(Thu 15th Sep 2011, 20:51, More)

(Thu 8th Sep 2011, 13:59, More)

On a dairy related topic, my milk was so cold this morning it tried to escape!

(Mon 20th Dec 2010, 20:25, More)

We knew already Jools, but thanks for the clarification.

(Wed 8th Dec 2010, 23:15, More)

For fuck's sake, let it go!

(Sun 5th Dec 2010, 22:12, More)


(Thu 25th Nov 2010, 19:07, More)

Available in the gift shop now.

(Tue 16th Nov 2010, 19:24, More)

They could've at least come up with something original.

(Wed 19th May 2010, 20:57, More)

"I'll be off then."

Also, the bastards have only been in 5 minutes and I lose my internet connection for 2 hours - coincidence?
(Tue 11th May 2010, 23:25, More)

Ticket to the dark side please.

(Thu 18th Feb 2010, 20:45, More)

Blobby blobby blobby.

(Tue 16th Jun 2009, 0:42, More)

Fuck politics, let's dance!

With Music!
(Mon 8th Jun 2009, 23:02, More)


(Sun 7th Jun 2009, 18:53, More)

Frying pans at the ready...

(Sun 26th Apr 2009, 23:10, More)

Knickers, knackers, knockers.

(Tue 31st Mar 2009, 18:36, More)

Er, milk's off.

(Mon 19th May 2003, 23:02, More)

Say cheese.

(Thu 6th Feb 2003, 21:50, More)

Two challenges too late,
but there you go.

(Sat 21st Sep 2002, 19:28, More)

Dance devil baby, dance.

(Sat 21st Sep 2002, 18:55, More)

Ya fuggin' bastards, I'll 'ave the lot of ya !

(Thu 12th Sep 2002, 19:29, More)

Oh, well played sir.

Latest score,
The Empire - 265 for 8,
Palpatine - 73
Vader - 127, n.o.
Destruction of Alderaan stopped play.
(Mon 9th Sep 2002, 20:11, More)

Little Billy just loved his pet stomach, Rupert.

(Sat 7th Sep 2002, 20:24, More)

The revolution WILL be televised,
right after the 2.30 from Kempton.

(Wed 4th Sep 2002, 21:33, More)

And for this, I'm kicked out of the league of feminists !
Chicks eh.

(Tue 3rd Sep 2002, 19:31, More)

For a quality used speeder,
visit Darthur Daley.

(Fri 30th Aug 2002, 22:38, More)

Come to Hare Ramsdens
spiritual chip emporium...

And you'll be dancing for joy.
(Mon 26th Aug 2002, 19:37, More)

Fish, chips and spiritual enlightenment.

(Mon 12th Aug 2002, 20:00, More)

Ooh, are they in trouble
when they reach his spaceship.

(Sun 11th Aug 2002, 17:27, More)

Diet not going so well, eh Dawn.

(Sun 11th Aug 2002, 14:46, More)

I see old ginger minge has got a new book out.

(Sat 27th Jul 2002, 19:25, More)

Dirty ol' cow.

(Wed 24th Jul 2002, 20:11, More)

The funny thing is Rolf,so do I.

(Mon 24th Jun 2002, 19:27, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Heroes and villains of 2011

Heroes - The Doctors, Nurses and Surgeons at Clatterbridge and The Countess Of Chester Hospitals...
who, despite the fact I was diagnosed with terminal cancer in the middle of 2010, have kept me alive and still feeling pretty good in to 2012. I can't thank them enough. Oh yeah, and Jackie my Macmillan nurse who's worth her weight in gold.
Villains? All enemies of the NHS, you know who they are, the cunts.
(Tue 3rd Jan 2012, 20:18, More)

» Happy 10th Birthday B3ta

I was hanging out in Vegas, with Frank, Dino and Sammy
but they were dead and smelly so I decided to bail out and head home. Before I left, Dino's widow, Thora Hird, had told me about this crazy site called B3ta.com. Well, I took one look and realised I'd found a new home.
And the rest, as they say, is bullshit.
(Mon 12th Sep 2011, 13:42, More)