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Hello, I usually come on here for a long, sensual, satisfying lurk.
That's about it.

Big fan of the Monkey Island series as is evident from my board sig. Am studying A2 Levels at the mo' (not sure what the 'merkin equivalent is) : Physics, Biology, Chemistry .

I like most of the stuff that surfaces on B3ta but my most favouritest is Mr.Jollyjacks, Mr.Sheep!s and Mr.NobbyNobodys. There's lots more but my memory is shite. Also like Weebl and David Firth's shizzle and of course Joel Veitch's which was how I discovered the magic of B3ta.

Not too great at the whole drawing stuff lark which would explain the lack of picture posts (and front pages obviously).

That's about all I have to say about that.

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I have recently become a member of Ninjabadger's teabagging club
, I hope to use the "Have a drink on me." + Teabag line to woo the laydeez.

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» School Trips

Our school got asked by the BBC
To come along and be extras in the filming of the Sunday afternoon timeslot filler 'My Dad's The Prime Minister'.
We actually ended up sitting in a dingy old classroom for 4 hours waiting for our scene, eating free biscuits and supping on squash. Eventually I got to walk around in the background whilst the star (some sad little cunt who NEARLY got to play harry potter but didn't) talked to his friend in the foreground.
The best bit was being forced to do cross country around the grounds of the school it was being filmed in (we were all in PE kit).
I watched it and you can't even see me. Bastards !!
By the way the school it was filmed at was the same one used for the classroom scene in Monty Python's Meaning of Life, and for the posh school scenes in Little Britain.

As I have mentioned before the girth is quite remarkable.
(Sat 9th Dec 2006, 19:45, More)

» Going Too Far

I probably went too far . .
Today in Geography some chums of mine thought it was a gaff to repeatedly steal my pencil case. Naturally by the end of the lesson I was fairly vexxed. As we were walking to next lesson i found myself at the top of a flight of stairs with aforementioned chums walking below me. With the instinct of a greasy teenager I lent over the bannister and spat cheerfully onto their heads.

Except I missed.

I had to pass the poor Year 7 (1st year) girl coming up the stairs wiping spit out of her hair. Felt guilty for the entire next lesson.
Oh yeah I'm hung like a wild animal.
(Wed 15th Nov 2006, 22:03, More)

» School Trips

French "Encounters"
Our week long trip to France turned into an utter shambles as soon as we became aware of the availability of cheap fireworks/BB guns/lighters. The highlight of the trip had to be the visit to Paris during which the coach was waylaid by a hairy frenchman carrying a bottle of wine and clearly drunk. We also got very close to selling my friend to the crazy people who mill around the base of the Eiffel Tower selling shizzle but were prevented by a teacher :(. Also the class chav with an unusually prominent forehead nearly caused an incident by throwing aforementioned fireworks off the Eiffel Tower. Dunno what would've happened if he'd done that nowdays. There was also a disco back at the hotel-place we stayed during which I was propositioned by a girl from Hull (ACTUALLY from Hull :o ). And the one of the girls in the room above us became known as 'Toothless Jim'. Still not sure why.
Oh and this nutter (who has since been asked to leave the school due to his craziness)took pictures of some of the girls whilst they were asleep (he also stalked them on a seperate occasion) and tried to kill himself on the last night by jumping off a balcony.
By the final morning one of the teachers had been reduced to tears and ended up making a speech to everyone in which she emplored us to mend our ways. All in all a good trip.

The length ain't great but by gum the girth will leave you flapping in the wind.
(Sat 9th Dec 2006, 19:36, More)