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» Little things that turn you on

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What turns me on hmmmm...physically..Tall men with broad shoulders. I love a mans chest, shoulders, back, and hands...yummy...Brown hair **definitely** English accents saying something sexy in an almost desperate growl..(swoons & quivers) ***When beside a man and he places his hand on the small of your back...so subtle yet sooo sexy. *** Also major turn-ons-**Talented men esp. musically,..Intelligence, but not arrogant about it...A creative mind is also so sexy to me. Passion that shows a deep love of what he does in life... and in love...Humbleness is also enchantingly sexy...A sense of humor and a love for laughter...The blissful look on a mans face while receiving oral pleasure..HOT HOT HOT _xx_ So if this is you...Please email me, find me, place your hand on my back, take me home, take off your shirt, play me some music & I'm yours...You Wont Regret it..(pant pant pant) swoons and pines xoxoxox
(Wed 23rd Feb 2005, 1:32, More)