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Gosh, what do I put? I'm a 24yr old lad from Manchester. I like breaks and beats. I don't like pigeons.

I once stapled David Beckham to a badgers face.

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» Weddings

Last weekend
I was Best Man at my mates Wedding.

It was all over the show... He's from Manchester, marrying a girl from Swansea who he met down south... He got married in full highland regalia, and we had roast beef n yorkshire pudding as the main meal... I was waiting for the greek plate smashing to start any time after 9. It didn't, sadly.

Anyway, we're walking up to the church with many shouts of "Freedom!" and as we near the hallowed place I ask, jokingly, "You got the rings mate? I think I should have em now..." He stops... "Oh shit. I knew I forgot summat..." I laugh. He turns ashen. Legs it back to his gaff some mile and a half away to get the rings.

He bought us both a replica claymore sword. We got drunk, had a sword fight and he broke my index finger. Thank fuck they weren't sharp replicas, eh?

What else... erm... I got off with a 17yr old bird who loved my Manc accent. Go figure. Our kid.
(Thu 14th Jul 2005, 16:31, More)

» Now, there was no need for that...

If it WAS that essential to complete that part of the game... why not just ignore your phone or say "Soz Unc, canny chat now"?!

(Thu 16th Jun 2005, 9:21, More)

» Weird Traditions

I can't help but noticing a Guiness in the picture ypu posted... That's not in your 'Drinks limited to' list, is it?!
(Fri 29th Jul 2005, 11:15, More)

» Now, there was no need for that...

You should come to Manc for a night out with me and my buddies... that sounds like our average Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

Good. Shit.

I surprised a girl with sex, and she told the police. There was NO NEED for that..
(Fri 17th Jun 2005, 14:02, More)

» Weird Traditions

Sex Panther
That's genious, mate! May I carry on this grand tradition up here in Manchester?
(Thu 4th Aug 2005, 9:38, More)
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