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» World's Sickest Joke

I've got another!
Did you hear that Michael Jackson came down with food poisioning?

He ate a 10 year old weiner.


What's the Michael Jackson got in common with caviar?

They both come on little white crackers.
(Sun 1st Jan 2006, 13:28, More)

» World's Sickest Joke

Sorry if it's been done, but;
Whats worst than finding 10 dead babies in a bin?
Finding one dead baby in 10 bins.

Whats the difference between a dead baby and a ferari?
I dont have a ferrari in my garage.

All for now..sorry about length :D
(Sun 1st Jan 2006, 13:24, More)

» I was drunk when I bought this

Oxford is a great place to steal things.
After moving to Oxford 11 months or so ago, myself and my housemate were drunk one night and decided to check out the loft. So we get up there and realise theres pretty much nothing of interest. As we are climbing down I spot a black and white pole. I pull on it. I realise it is a lamp-post size belisha beacon, complete with mains plug and plastic orange ball. So we lug it downstairs, to use it as an ornament and the only place it will fit is the bottom of the stairs (because it is too high for the ceilings). Long story short we plug it in and we now have a flashing orange light illuminating our stairway at night.

Skip forward 11 months and we have tried to outdo the unknown people who stole this steel and plastic monstrosity. Drunken adventures have awarded us with traffic cones, numerous street signs, for sale signs and coffee house placards among the things now decorating our house. However nothing comes close to the greatness of the belisha beacon :(
(Mon 13th Jun 2005, 15:33, More)