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» Guilty Laughs

A few years ago
I had a part time job in a small petrol station in the middle of nowhere. One slow evening, after not having seen a customer for about 2 hours, in walks a fairly normal looking chap who proceeds to the magazine shelves.
Now like all good garages this one had a particularly fine selection of top shelf adult reading material and after a few minutes scanning the titles, our man makes his decision and strides confidently toward me and places his soon to be purchased copy of Escort Reader's Wives XXX Special on the counter. Nothing unusual or funny here as I had become quite used to people coming in late at night just for that special purchase. Upon scanning the item into the till I asked if there was anything else he wanted. He looked up at the shelves behind me and replied 'Yes, I'll take a tube of Bonjela too please'.
It was at this point something started to tick in my head and as I turned and reached toward the shelf, my mind caught up with me having processed the customer's purchase.... one magazine packed with images of the country's finest wives and girlfriends showing all that they have to offer and one tube of clear, sticky, slimy, slippery aniseed flavoured gloop.
My imagination then filled in the gaps and the reasons as to why these 2 items would be purchased together and at that moment the penny dropped. As I turned back toward the customer, I couldn't help myself. I let out a snort. Followed by a cough to try and disguise the snort. Followed by choking and spluttering until I could hold it in no longer, bursting in to uncontrolable fits of hysterical laugher and having to run out the back of the shop to regain my composure.
Meanwhile, my bewildered customer had decided to leave the shop, only made known to me by the buzzer sound of the door as it closed after him, leaving his items behind on the counter and me creased up in the stockroom cackling like a complete loon.

Long time lurker, 1st post. Apologies for nothing. *POP*
(Sun 25th Jul 2010, 19:04, More)