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» Terrible Parenting

Mental scars
My parents had sex. With each other. How do they expect me to function normally knowing that?
(Fri 17th Aug 2007, 8:29, More)

» Too much information

Ooh Err...
We were enjoying a fairly civilised work night out, when rather unexpectedly, a large, red-headed, Christian, former lollipop lady informed us that she liked to have sex in cars. On being asked why, she replied that she "likes the gear stick up my arse". Cue much spluttering of pints over laps and mutterings of a homeward-bound nature.
(Wed 12th Sep 2007, 15:36, More)

» Sleepwalking

On the Shelf
At a cub camp I awoke one morning on the kitchen shelf. The level of concern on Akela's face will never leave me.
(Mon 27th Aug 2007, 7:58, More)