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Hi, my name is Mick and I am a lurker

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» Weddings

Nothing terrible, but
at my father's weddinig to his second wife (who just happens to be possibly one of the best stepmoms you can get -- she's awesome), the service was held outside. it was nice, as it was at Mount Hood in Oregon at Timberline lodge, and it was done outdoors with the mountain in the background. Anyways, there was this arch kind of thing like you would put in a garden or something, and it was right behind the pastor. My stepmom had decided it HAD to be there, so there was no arguing. Except for the fact that it was to have a HEAVY AS FUCK stone cross and numerous other decorations on top of it. And, being constructed out of cheap metal, the arch had to be wired down in about a million different places, and the wind kept making it almost smash in to the back of the pastor's head. Luckily, that was the worst of the cockups, and even my Best Man speech went quite well (i winged it).
(Thu 14th Jul 2005, 18:24, More)