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Hi, I'm Sam, I'm 17, living in leicester, UK.

I have a pretty warped sense of humour, and often say the wrong thing at the wrong time.

My beard is inexplicably ginger.

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» Sleepwalking

Obligatory Sleep-wee Story
This one was quite recent, happend sometime in the last week of 2006.

I'd come home from my rugby club's new years party a little worse for wear, having drank amounts of guinness and jack daniels that would be fatal to anyone outside of the rugby-playing community, and had pretty much passed out as soon as i got to my bed.

Now this was in the middle of a period of very vivid, if not lucid dreams, and when i felt my bladder beginning to overflow, i got out of bed and made my way to the toilet, just down the hall. After the urgency had passed, i looked around and thought 'this is a dream'. This was instantly followed by the thought 'where am i pissing', and i then opened my eyes and found myself still in my room, standing over a tank of sodden sawdust containing two very wet and angry gerbils.

sorry till, sorry flake,
(Wed 29th Aug 2007, 10:08, More)

» Sleepwalking

The Big Dogs
My older brother used to suffer from pretty horrific nightmares, and hearing him scream in the middle of the night was a quite common occurance.

One night a good ten years ago, i woke up to hear the usual sounds of terror from his room, so i just rolled over and tried to ignore it. Then, *Thump, thump, SMASH!!* ; i ran into his room to find him standing on his windowledge, the window wide open, a baseball bat on the floor next to his shattered mirror, screaming that the big dogs were chasing him. And yes, completely fast asleep. Needless to say he about shit himself when he woke up half out of a second story window.
(Wed 29th Aug 2007, 9:59, More)