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» Pet Peeves

mac users..
...thinking they're all intellectually superior when in fact they're just mongs..
(Fri 2nd May 2008, 12:54, More)

» Abusing freebies

Free trip to Monaco Sir?
I managed to blag a five-day all expenses paid trip to Monaco - flights to Nice then helicopter transfers across the bay into Monaco.

I was staying at the Marriot overlooking the harbour with free porn on the TV all paid for by the company!

Best bit was it only took me half a day to do the actual work the rest I spent lazing around the cote d'azure..

happy days!
(Mon 12th Nov 2007, 10:22, More)

» Terrible Parenting

..tying my pram to an Alsatian..
..one of the worst things that I was actually told about was my dad coming back from the pub one afternoon with me in my pram & our Alsatian dog quite aptly named 'whiskey'

he has tied the dog's leash to the handle of the pram as you do.. - next thing - whiskey sees a cat & starts to chase it - cue my Dad doing his best Ben Johnson impression (and he's not even black etc..)

(Fri 17th Aug 2007, 12:13, More)

» Shoplifting

not shoplifting but..
halifax wrote off my £700 overdraft by mistake..

needless to say I didn't argue the toss
(Mon 14th Jan 2008, 15:34, More)

» Pet Peeves

christian rock fans
...i would like to see them flayed alive..
(Fri 2nd May 2008, 12:56, More)
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