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Matthew. Born at an early age. Now working in Harrogate - an exciting mix of programming and accountancy!

Don't visit lardmonster.org - it's shit. Really.

You wanna visit Otway instead. That's what you wanna do.

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m [at] tthew [dot] org

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Bloody 'ell - they're sending in the seals!

(Sun 8th Sep 2002, 19:30, More)

God, what have I done?
(I blame all of you. Yes, you!)

(Tue 13th Aug 2002, 22:51, More)

Ever had one of those "Shit, it's 300k!" moments? :-(

Shrunked - cheers folks :-)

(Tue 6th Aug 2002, 20:38, More)

They get everywhere, don't they?
My first post (be gentle!)

(Sat 29th Jun 2002, 23:16, More)

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