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» Karma

Just about on topic...
When I was little I gave up chocolate for lent, but one day on a car trip I ate some...

Later on that day I threw up all over the back seat of the car, and swore blind that it must have been God punishing me for my sin of eating chocolate in lent!

I have learned since then, it was actually just me being a greedy fat little pig combined with a hot car...

(Sat 23rd Feb 2008, 18:21, More)

» Teenage Parties

Well, Seeing as I'm just 19 and have been living in a flat with my best mate for the past year the stories are too numerous to count... However a notable one from around this time last year:

My mate R is particurlaly tolerant of spirits, and so was used to drink some fairly foul cocktails, this party he exceeded himself with a mix of EVERY alcoholic substance in the house in a pint glass... I drank about half of the second one and we proceeded to make our way into the street outside, which has those cool bollards that squish when you jump on them... something we found highly entertaining right up until the police came to say hello... Cue a drunken stagger (with me being chased by the lazy one in the car! b*stard...) and promptly being caught and mildly told off...

We return to the flat (at this point his mum was still living there, so we were stuck in his room). One of our mates (as a joke) suggests "hey, R can i punch your bedroom wall?"

R says yes.

Error. Especially as its a hardboard wall... someone actually stuck their head through it, and there was a large amount of punching... The next morning we had a clinically psycotic (ok, maybe not clinically, but she has smashed her way into rooms with a fire extnguisher for very little cause...) mother screaming away merrily and threating to kill us all.. oh the joys :)

Oh, and one final tip: mix a shot of Blue Balls with a shot of vodka and a bottle of reef and a bottle of blue WKD in a pint glass for the BEST cocktail ever, called a Green Goblin, if you get the mix right it'll practically glow. The best bit? No hangover whatsoever and iof course the uber taste... :D

Apologies for length, you may understand why I tend to lurk...
(Sun 16th Apr 2006, 18:25, More)

» Teenage Crushes - Part Two

Scandinavians really ARE that hot...
I was moved to Norway by my parents at 15, and sent to a Norwegian school. I had a crush on about half the females in my class, they all seemed smart and hot, those that weren't one were very much the other.

Heaven, you'd think. Except that I was 15, had never kissed a girl, was shy beyond imagining, and for the first year couldn't speak the language. There were two girls especially who I really liked, and looking back now I think they may even have been talked around if I had but tried. But no, I stubbornly just hoped something would magically happen and one or the other (or both, when I was feeling particularly horny) would appear at my door to proclaim their undying love for me.

On the upside the were many gym lessons which I 'forgot' my kit for and so was 'forced' to watch the rest of the class running around and jumping up and down whilst sneakily listening to my mp3 player...

I blame those two long years for my current love of the typical Scandinavian girl, and if they are and speak the lingo with me, I'll be theirs forever...
(Sat 7th Nov 2009, 13:31, More)

» Unexpected Good Fortune

Not so much luck as effort but...
I was reminded of this occurence by another post about exams...

Whilst in Norway 3 years ago I was sitting an exam in norwegian (not my first language, and had only started learning the language a year before). The subject was Norwegian (as a first language, equivelant to an english exam for us).

Not only did I get an A, but beat EVERYONE in the class... And there were some damn smartarses there too... YAY!

As far as luck goes, When I acidently broke my fridge by using a hammer and screw driver to defrost the freezer - word to the wise, it only works if you're VERY careful - myp arents blagged me a free new, better one :)

And my cooker was slowly dying, until my flatmates mum found us a 3-4 year old one for free :)


The girlfriend loves it...
(Tue 19th Sep 2006, 21:26, More)

» Messing with people's heads

I didn't eat a Ferrero Rocher until I was 14...
My oldest sister told me (in front of my other sister and parents) that they were mint. I didn't like mint. No-one revealed the truth until I was offered one by a friend, who looked decidely confused when I replied with 'Thanks, but I don't like mint'.
(Fri 13th Jan 2012, 17:26, More)
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