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I have given my website a bit of a makeover

If you feel the need to contact me I can be found lurking at puromycin AT puromycin DOT co DOT uk.

Me by that nice Mr. HappyToast:

arrangedletters arranged my letters

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» Accidental innuendo

A slip of the tongue...
I was sitting at the bar in my local when a beer delivery arrived. The delivery man, unable to open the cellar doors from the outside, uttered these immortal words to the barmaid (a very large woman, indeed) - "Can I go down and open your flaps?". Much tittering ensued.

Cheese toasties anyone?
(Fri 13th Jun 2008, 17:36, More)

» Crap meals out

We were in The Gambia and decided that a Chinese restaurant in a nearby village would be ideal for a night out. Wrong. The hot and sour soup was passable but the main courses were totally disgusting. Spare ribs that were just deep fried gristle and bones, the chicken had obviously died of malnutrition and the beef was probably donkey meat. We sent almost everything back with little recompense. (And the booze was shit too.) Fuck 'em.
Edit: The Lebanese restaurant in Serakunda the next night, however, was abso-fucking-lutely brilliant.
(Thu 27th Apr 2006, 18:02, More)

» Sexism

Ask a man a simple question
and you will get a simple answer.
Ask a woman the same question and you will learn, after a considerable time, the entire story of her activities that day and that it was a stupid question anyway.
(Mon 28th Dec 2009, 13:31, More)

» Annoying words and phrases

Buy this fabulous item...
...only two, nine, nine.
Like, y'know, innit.
"th" is not "f" or "v"

I feel better for this little rant.
(Tue 13th Apr 2010, 23:47, More)