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Profile for Richard Pryor setting himself on fire while freebasing crack cocaine in the 80's:
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Lol barry from eastenders.






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» School Trips

anaka rice ass
once when my brother went ona school trip with his school challenge anika was at the same place, and as anika ran past my brother he touched her ass and then got kicked out the way by and angry camaraman! this was back in the late 80's

the other time i went to the millinium dome in 2000 with the school,as all the good time boys we sat at the back,my mate needed a piss, so he pissed in a coke bottle and threw it towards the front of the coach, some kid picked it up, and as we all started to lagh at him, he dropped it and it went all over him..pwn!

then we stopped off at marble arch for some food, me and a few friends went into the big park near there to have a few reefers and low and behold we skinned up behind a police station, we got caught smoking dope, though not a lot happend as it was a school trip, we got away with it, conviscated the hashish though
(Mon 11th Dec 2006, 20:29, More)

» Mix Tapes

i once sent a girl a VHS video cassette tape with all my favourite songs on.
(Thu 14th Feb 2008, 2:23, More)

» Hotel Splendido

in a bush.
(Wed 23rd Jan 2008, 23:56, More)

» Where is the strangest place you have slept?

From brighton to the outer stars
i was about to go back to bournemouth from brighton easy 2.5hour trip.. easy.

freight train broke down at chicester, so i had to ger a train to clapham then basingstoke then home in bournemouth...

i slep from brigthon to clapham.. sleep walked to platform 6 go on the train slept on a table woke up at basingstoke slept 20 minutes untill my train came got on the train and slept the rest of the way home...then woke up caught a bus.. slept on the bus to the stop i was going to.. woke up got off the bus and got home and went to bed for 15 hours..

true story!
(Mon 1st Jan 2007, 23:12, More)

» Rock and Roll Stories

well... for you IDM headz
i got punched by in my back while watching ceephax. i turned around and Richard d james was there grinning, so i shook his hand and walk away.

also after a gig in birmingham, me, my friend, ove naxx, scotch egg, Kunt and Dj Shitmat caught a taxi to our hotel.. the taxidriver got lost, Cue a shitmat rampage. i found it faily funny. though ove naxx was sitting next to me and he kinad slid down and hid. we never did find the hotel but we managed to crash at another hotel.

another time.. at 4am me, a friend, mully, chris clark, tim exile and shitmat, was on brighton beach playing the "would you rather.." game when mully found a passed out body on the sea front, tim exile proceeded in a great fashion to save this guys life by taking him back to his flat and made sure he was ok. i proceeded to pass out after messing around on a 1/4 size acoustic guitar with chris clark.
(Fri 30th Jun 2006, 1:03, More)
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