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(Sun 15th Sep 2002, 3:39, More)


(Sat 1st Jun 2002, 14:48, More)

Noisy Bugger

(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:40, More)

A tucan with a shuriken

(Fri 19th Apr 2002, 20:34, More)

"Hey man, no orking
the Dean-cat!"

"And stop dissin' the curtains...my ma made those."
(Wed 10th Apr 2002, 0:16, More)

Celine Dion says:

"Put bad throats to good use - adopt a kangaroo today!"
(Thu 4th Apr 2002, 20:16, More)

I nominate "Teat-O-Pillar" to be the
the new Easter bunny...

(Fri 29th Mar 2002, 21:24, More)

Got milk?

(Tue 19th Mar 2002, 20:07, More)

My main squeeze.

(Sun 17th Mar 2002, 20:09, More)

Shave cat strikes

(Sun 17th Mar 2002, 14:24, More)

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