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Smashed it
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(Mon 24th Feb 2020, 20:51, More)

Everyone has their own style
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(Tue 11th Feb 2020, 17:09, More)

Our PM likes a laugh

(Sat 27th May 2017, 9:32, More)

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» Childhood Ambitions

I wanted to be a dustbin man
Crappy job, but only one day a week
(Thu 29th Mar 2007, 12:11, More)

» Debt pron

no details, but suffice to say
if I emigrated, on average, British people would be thin and debt free
(Fri 24th Nov 2006, 8:56, More)

» Shame

My secret shame
The first record I ever bought was "I lost my heart to a starship trooper" by Sarah Brightman and Hot gossip
(Fri 25th Nov 2005, 9:35, More)