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» My Collection

Smarties Lids
As we all know, the inside of the round Smarties tubes have a letter inside, leading to much hilarity spelling out rude words with them. And, as everyone knows, if you achieved the impossible task of all 26 letters, you could send them to Smarties, and receive a super secret special prize. My friend, Daniel, managed to get nearly all the letters, and with the rest of us pitching in, avoiding real food for Smarties, we managed to collect them all.

Off went the parcel to Smarties, and we duly waited for our special prize. 2 weeks later, we get a reply, basically telling us 'There's no prize or gift. There never has been. We wish people would stop sending us 26 Smarties lids. But anyway, good job. Here's 26 Smarties tubes' (so I guess there was a prize after all...)

Daniel was 25 at the time.
(Fri 12th Jan 2007, 10:47, More)

» Pet Stories

It's a length joke. I'm sorry.

Length? 48 inches, nose to tail.

If you're ever considering buying a cat - get a Maine Coon.
(Mon 11th Jun 2007, 1:36, More)

» The best thing I've built

Well, I made this

It's now gone on to become one of the top 10 selling Indie Games of all time, so I'm very chuffed. I'm hoping to break a million sales in the next few weeks.

It's called FortressCraft. (and as such can be found at www.fortresscraft.com/ )

(Edit to answer a few questions)
(Thu 11th Oct 2012, 12:44, More)

» Insults

Say it out loud


(Tue 9th Oct 2007, 23:24, More)