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Make your eyes pipe hot, soupy funs directly into your headbrains! Get them to visit wheelybird.com: a place of funs.

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It's what the kids are wearing.

(Wed 26th Mar 2008, 13:16, More)

Soapy bloats!

Hello my funky little gropes. If any of you nice people fancy helping me out, I have a site I've set up as an example site to show off my freelance skills.
It's a site for people that enjoy photography where they can upload photos and whatnot. It just needs some content to make it look spiffy.
If any of you fancy registering there and sticking a few photos up, I would be eight grateful. Eight!

It's to be found at www.chortleberry.com if you're up for it. :)
(Thu 28th Feb 2008, 10:55, More)

*hurdle, hurdle*

(Sun 3rd Jun 2007, 20:54, More)

Immense Wii funs!


(Fri 13th Apr 2007, 12:29, More)

When you think about it, it's obvious he had an eating disorder.

Obviously he can't stick his fingers down his throat.
(Fri 27th Oct 2006, 12:51, More)

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» My first experience of porn

I, as a little child of around eight,
found a swinging magazine in a public park; photos dozens of people doing naughty things to one another at the same time, but for some reason all the women had their mimsies blacked out. It was a Spanish park, so perhaps this is normal Spanish practise.

Parks and copses are goldmines for pre-pubescent porn supplies (and I don't mean that in the way you're thinking). Of course, this was in the days before the interwebs.

I think this exposure at an early age encouraged me to embrace porn to the extent that I now run a porn website, and in the near future shall be running two of the buggers.
(Sat 27th Jan 2007, 12:18, More)

» Mobile phone disasters

I once used a Nokia
for a couple of minutes. I still get nightmares.
(Wed 5th Aug 2009, 11:25, More)

» Road Rage

Some people love their cars too much.
Once I gently bumped into the back of another car. It was dark, raining hard and I was trying to see if traffic was coming in the lane I was trying to pull into.
The chap in front moved on, and I pulled out without noticing until just a little bit too late that he had stopped again. So, brakes fully on but not stopping in time. 'Bump'.

So there I am, sitting in the car and the bloke from the car in front immediately leaps out, runs to the back of his car and searches for damage. Then then comes over to my car and starts shouting at me and hurling abuse etc.
I'm a little shocked but quite calm, but this bloke is being somewhat abusive; much more so than the situation demands. He's telling me how stupid I am and asking if I'm some kind of arsehole and so on.
At this point I get out of the car and stand up next to him. I'm 6'2" and a good foot taller than this bloke. For some reason me standing up in front of him stretched to my full height seems to calm him down a bit, and he starts to be more agreeable.

I quickly check the damage to my car and then have a look at the back of his. When looking at his car I notice the baby on the back seat. The bloke hadn't even checked to see if the baby was okay before rushing out to check his precious car. It's at this point I realise the man is a twunt of the highest order.

And of course it turns out that his car only ended up with scratched paint whilst mine had a lovely broken headlight. Where's the justice in that?
(Fri 13th Oct 2006, 9:35, More)