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I suck at photoshop, message me with tips or fonts or resources for it?

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» Strict Parents

I'm Ok
Truth be told I have damn good parents. Reasonable curfews 11pm til I was old enough to go out lots; 15ish? (Except if exams next, day fairy nuff.)
My dad still makes (and supplys me with) strong homebrew wine, I know its ok in moderation, like with sex etc. (Only drugs are really bad with them, not too fussed by this)

One main rule, was be nice to everyone, and try to treat everyone equally. As a result I'm a happy 19 year old.
My parents are ace.
(Fri 9th Mar 2007, 20:21, More)

» Stupid Dares

Potentially Dangerous
I and a friend had been drinking, he was driving, stupidity starts right there.

When he is driving, I bet he can't drive with his eyes closed, he then proceeds to show he can til he smashes a post box.

Totalled his car*, but he lost his bet as driving into post boxes is not real driving.

*£20 car, so hardly cost him.
(Sat 3rd Nov 2007, 20:33, More)

» Insults

Attempted Insult.....?
Some little chavs (about 5 or 6 years old I guess) on a bike went past looking at me and shouted "GAYLORDS RULE".
Erm... well quite.
(Fri 5th Oct 2007, 0:58, More)

» Sleepwalking

I was going to have an epic sleepwalking tale....but as far as I go sleepwalkin was to stand straight up into a dresser table causing me to split my lip, scream at the top of my lungs and wake up.

Never slept walked since.
(Thu 23rd Aug 2007, 0:27, More)

» Terrible food

Muller Chicken
Well being a student, and as I said I would I got a chicken and roasted it in a marinade of Muller yoghurt and dannon strawberry actimel!

Smelt like a caked in the oven, burnt it and it tasted fowl (haha).
(Sun 20th May 2007, 21:17, More)
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