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» Mistaken Identity

Awkward pint.
I saw a bloke in the street who I hadn't seen for yonks.
"Hey Dan, what you up to? Long time no see".
"Going for a pint" he said.
"Cool, I'll join you"

Got to the pub, he bought me a pint and as I took it from him my face dropped.

"You're not Dan"

"Yes I am"

Not the Dan I knew but someone else who looked like him and was called Dan. He'd even bought me a pint and must have been racking his brains as to who the hell I was.

That was the most awkward pint I've ever had. I left after necking it, didn't even buy him one back.
(Thu 31st May 2007, 16:12, More)

» Failed

I also failed to
notice that the woman I was told to work alongside, in a factory job during my teens, was deaf (hearing aid concealed under long hair). I was trying to get things going a bit faster production-wise so that I could f*ck off early. She didn't respond to a single command I gave. This naturally wound me up and on the sixth attempt to ask for the allen key I looked up and roared at her "Are you f*cking deaf or what?" She can lip-read that's for sure.
(Tue 9th Jan 2007, 15:49, More)

» My Collection

I have an extensive collection of emotional scars. Evidence of these are displayed if I go on the whiskey.
(Fri 12th Jan 2007, 9:27, More)

» Awesome Sickies

Awesome Sickie
I got ratted at a pool match on a Sunday night and had a minging hangover the next day.

"Hello, I can't come in today my spider's escaped. I need to find it before it bites a small child or something."

What the feg was I thinking?
(Mon 12th Jun 2006, 10:13, More)

» Pet Stories

Have a QOTW template
I used to have a (insert animal type) and it was the (insert characteristic of animal)est around. One day day it did something funny and how we laughed. It's dead now, I do miss him/her.
(Wed 13th Jun 2007, 10:33, More)
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