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wank me off

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i've based this ad on my town's claim to fame...
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EDIT: original horizontal version-
(Sat 8th Apr 2006, 21:02, More)

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» Well, that taught 'em

making an utter cunt have a wank over me
at the beginning of summer, 2 years ago i broke my arm. all of my mates were into skating at the time so i had a lot of time stuck at home doing nothing.

i'd just finished secondary school and i was a little shit. however there was a kid called alex who was even more of a shit. i won't bore you with the details of what a mug he was, but he was.

anyway, due to my boredom i set up a fake myspace account, put some photos up of a girl. to cut a long story short, i ended up luring him into sending me photos of him almost naked and got him to masturbate over me whilst talking on msn.

i did get a black eye soon after revealing my true identity, but it was worth it.
(Sat 28th Apr 2007, 22:40, More)