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» Terrible Parenting

My father
Promised for my whole life that he would pay for my entire education as he had done for my sister. In the Christmas holidays of my first year, mere days before my first university exams he announces that he is no longer paying for my education. This was due to an argument we had stemming from him randomly deciding I had spent my fees money on beer. Even after I had provided him with receipts covering all of the money he had given me, he was still acting as if I had indeed spent my fees on beer. I was about to have to pay £1500 pounds for accommodation and had £500 in the bank. He said I should get a student loan to pay for it knowing full well that I wasn't eligible for one.
On the same holiday he'd been making snide comments about me being a below average student etc (how the hell would he know - I hadn't done any bloody exams yet!). Well I showed him - despite the panic of thinking I would have to drop out of uni, and spending more time in the bank etc trying to get overdraft etc than revising for the exams, I was still in the top couple of people in the class.
Did he apologise for being a general wanker? Did he apologise for making me live on tesco value baked beans for a month before I found a crappy job and got paid? Did he apologise for the fact that because of him I was working practically full time as a waitress while I should have been focusing on my degree?
Like fuck did he - he apologised for putting me in charge of so much money at the start of the year. Money that I had proved I had spent on the things I was supposed to have spent it on.
Haven't spoken to the man since, emailed him to tell him all about my first class degree from one of the best universities in the country and my upcoming place in one of the most competed for PhD programs in the country. Below average student my arse!
He used to spend entire summers when me and my sister were young trying to turn us against our mother. "Your bitch mother this, your bitch mother that etc". Spent a long time trying to persuade us that our mother was mentally ill (narcisist apparently) and was abusing us. She wasn't going to win any mother of the year prizes, but our mentally ill and abusive (emotionally and psychologically) parent is most definitely our father. The fact that he is never the wrong one in an argument (even after being proved wrong) and the fact that everyone (especially women) that stands up to him are mentally ill in his eyes leads me to believe that if anyone is my family is a narcisist it is most definitely him!

If you agree that my father is a complete mentalist, and that I've done ridiculously well to avoid becoming a crack whore, click "I like this"
(Wed 22nd Aug 2007, 2:17, More)

» Abusing freebies

A few years ago Guinness were running a promotion in our student union. These two girls were there handing out two free Guinness tokens and marking people with a UV pen so they could check if you'd already had your free drinks. The thing they didn't realise was that the clubby bit in our union had UV lights. I was the first to figure out that if you stood under the UV light and rubbed off the pen you could go back and get some more drinks tokens. Me and my mates got totally hammered for free that night :)
Guinness also run these St Patrick's Day promotions where if you drink a certain amount of Guinness you get free stuff like badges, silly hats etc. I only drink Guinness when it's free so I shouldn't be able to get any of this crap but it just so happens that St Patricks Day is my birthday and that I'm Irish. One year I managed to score both types of badge, an inflatable Guinness and one of those hats. In my freeby binge state I also tried my luck in the kebab shop. Rather than just say no to me they tried to argue that I wasn't Irish and that it wasn't my birthday which meant on production of my passport they had to give me a free kebab. Brilliant.
(Sat 10th Nov 2007, 15:36, More)

» Childhood Ambitions

Click "I like this" if you agree that this qotw is lame.
(Thu 29th Mar 2007, 20:48, More)

» Narrow Escapes

I narrowly escaped having to tell everyone about my lies that got out of control.
(Thu 19th Aug 2010, 12:48, More)

» Flirting

I'm brilliant at flirting
I can be an absolutely shocking flirt at times and have become rather adept at getting served quickly in bars by flirting outrageously with the barmen. I'm also fantastic at putting on the damsel in distress act when I need help from a member of staff somewhere which always results in the highest levels of customer service possible from all male staff. The thing is that I don't mean to do it - it just happens. Something just kicks in and thousands of years of female evolution takes over. I really should use my super flirty powers for something other than getting served quickly at bars but the thing is that if I try to use my flirty powers they stop working. Put me in a room with a man I don't fancy then I can flirt him into doing almost anything. Put me in a room with a guy I do fancy and my flirting superpowers disappear and all I can do is talk crap. I am Flirt Girl with the power to flirt men into doing anything I want them to but my kryptonite is men that I fancy - how much of a rubbish superpower is that?
(Thu 18th Feb 2010, 22:24, More)
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