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» World's Sickest Joke


Carlsberg dont make newsflashes, but if they did they'd probably be the best news flashes in the world!

(Tue 2nd May 2006, 8:27, More)

» Teenage Parties

Heh, One night stands out in particular. TEQUILA
My parents were going away for a week and as soon as they left my brother and I called almost everyone we know so as to get em round for a heavy stoner and drinking session.

I went up to the supermarket and stocked up on alcohol and munchies, notably I bought a bottle of tequila.

Skip to later in the evening-- Everyone was mashed and I ended up having a little argument with my girlfriend about something or another.

I attempt to regain her respect by showing her that after snorting a line of salt, downing a good two thirds of a bottle of the tequila then squeezing a Jif lemon in my mouth and eye I could still stand.

Suffice to say that it didn’t last long, fell down the stairs and went for a shower then woke up god knows how much later naked on the shower room floor with my girlfriend and brother arguing about whether to call an ambulance.

I have never drunk Tequila since! And Jen and I lasted for quite some time following this, surprisingly... although that is over now too.
(Sat 15th Apr 2006, 22:48, More)

» Worst Nicknames Ever

My Brothers mate Ian:
is called Willan (For some reason, apparantly something to do with draw master willan from the Lottery??) or Chewy (Short for Chewbacca)

His other mate Paul is just called The Stick, or just Stick because he is so damn skinny.
(Sun 21st May 2006, 9:31, More)

» Worst Nicknames Ever

My own nicknames are fairly offensive:
Cunt, Weaselfelcher (Unfounded), The Greek (not because I am Greek since I am from the UK but because I live in Cyprus)...
Basically whenever I answer the phone to a friend I recieve a torrent of abuse eg: "Alright you fucking cuntface?"
(Sun 21st May 2006, 9:29, More)

» Worst Nicknames Ever

A friend with a complex.
A long time friend called Daniel has the nickname Fatdan for obvious reasons... Nobody calls him Dan, or Daniel, it is either Fatdan or a shortened version of his Surname... Which is Chaventre...

(Sun 21st May 2006, 9:25, More)
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