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I photoshop, but rarely, and am currently self-teaching digital painting.
I am currently studying at Leeds Metropolitan University, doing a BSc Games Design course. I am a freshman.

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» Sleepwalking

I was at school and had a German lesson about two weeks before the end of the term. I had history beforehand, and we had already finished the syllabus and taken the test, so we spent the time watching old TV Comedies. Unfortunately, we had just finished watch the Fawlty Towers episode, 'The Germans'.

Cue me bragging that I could do the goosestep march the exact way Basil Fawlty could. I fell asleep in German because I was so bored, and started sleepwalking the Goosestep...
(Thu 23rd Aug 2007, 16:18, More)

» DIY fashion

A couple of years ago, the local ale house was having a fancy-dress new years party. Undecided on whether or not to go in fancy dress or not, I eventually decided that I would, in home made punk regalia. I took a tatty old black T-shirt and set to the hems with pinking shears to make it look spiky. Before proceeding to paint the back of the shirt with 'THE CLASH' on their trademark orangey-red star.

After doing so, I tore bits of it stuck a shite-load of safety pins in to make it look 'authentic'. This was followed by setting about an old pair of school trousers and making them dead tight, I could barely get my size five feet (they have since grown) past the knees, let alone the bottom. Then I stuck another load of safety pins in them, whilst wearing them, because I couldn't take them off.

Then I stuck green food-colouring in my hair and made sort-of mowhawk.

Welcome to spacktard city.

I still keep the shirt though.
(Sat 26th Aug 2006, 17:45, More)

» Hotel Splendido

Was without a doubt the worst.
There was too much noise from passing traffic at all ours.

(I don't use hotels much)
(Sat 19th Jan 2008, 21:11, More)