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» Anonymous

Next time you're crossing a bridge over a motorway. Wave at the traffic. You'd be suprised as to how many people wave back. Not completely annonymous but i don't know them and they don't know me. And i hope it makes a long journey just a little bit nicer.
(Fri 15th Jan 2010, 12:19, More)

» Sleepwalking

not really sleepwalking
I was watching Empire strike back late one night and as per usual for me i fell asleep halfway through the film. I was using one of those retro machines a video and as everybody knows when you get to the end of a tape it rewinds back to the begining. My video player was a noisy beast so when it did i woke up. Spaceballs was the telly, i thought i'd woke up in some other dimension where darth vader suddenly had one massive eye and everything in star wars land was just wrong. Totally freaked it took me a little while to realise what the hell was happening.
(Thu 23rd Aug 2007, 15:48, More)

» Faking it

Let's pretend I'm still at Uni
I have a fake student ID. My old work had a card printer and being pretty nifty on the old photoshop results in one very convincing stoodent ID. It's not even the university i actually went to.

It's not for buying booze or fags. I'm 27. It's to continue to get stuff for cheap.

I know i should give it up but it's valid till 2010 and i hate paying full price at the cinema!
(Wed 16th Jul 2008, 15:05, More)

» Crazy Relatives

bath time
My great auntie was staying at my auntie's house once. Coming from a generation where you should never waste anything she once had a bath, nothing unusual you might think. My auntie has one of those jacuzzi's sometime after my great auntie was out the bath she heard the jacuzzi still going, walks in to find the contents of the laundry basket spinning around the bath. Her reason - didn't want the hot water going to waste, but how much electricity did it use to power the jacuzzi for an hour???

She's 90 this year and although not certified crazy still does things like this
(Tue 10th Jul 2007, 14:05, More)

» Creepy!

maggot boobs
I know it's fake, and the story is a bit bollocks but the picture just makes me feel weird

pic here
(Mon 11th Apr 2011, 15:26, More)
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