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» Common

English people!
Hear me out on this one before you call me a 'tosser'. This isn't some Irish - English type jab but more a cultural observation. I'm a big fan of English music and arts but have been dismayed to see over time, English culture has gone like this:

- Lets conquer the world for King/Queen and country.
- Lets show those Gerrys a thing or two eh? Tally ho.
- Peace and love man.
- I refuse to work down that coal mine mam.
- His friends call him Ebeneezer Goode (*edit* I have been informed The Shamen are Scottish. Insert 'I get knocked down, but I get up again' instead)
- Lets ruin everyones holiday to Spain by being really loud and shouting out things like 'innit' and 'sumfink' while wearing pajamas. By the way... anyone for a stabbing?

Irish aren't much better but at least our 'alcoholism' overrides out chav population in the eyes of the world. At the moment chav = English person. Sorry. You'd want to do a bit of PR!

For those interested, Irish history:

- English occupation
- Freedom! Lets have a fight.
- Drunk
- Lets have another fight up north
- Drunk
- We're rich!!
- Argh... what happened? We're poor.
- Drunk.
(Fri 17th Oct 2008, 11:02, More)

» Never Meet Your Heroes

Not so much heros but... well... two tickets to a launch party of Westlifes new album (at the time) 'Turnaround' were offered to me and my girlfriend pleaded with me to take them and go. She is a primary school teacher and wanted to get autographs for he kids (so she says) and how could I resist my wonderful girl and 25 snot faced 7 year olds.

It was in the Burlington here in Dublin and as soon as we entered, I proceeded to hit the free bar. By the time the lads came on stage, I was pretty far gone. The press took photos while they sung two songs and as soon as they walked off stage, all the press left. There was only a handful of people milling about who I quickly realised were all related to the lads. Because they tour so much and have their base in London, it's rare they come home so it was kinda like a family gathering with an excited fan and a drunken stranger.

Anyhoo... as they came out, they all went to greet their families. My girl introduced herself to them and explained why she wanted their autographs. They were actually really nice lads and I got photos of her with all of them. I spent a while at the bar with Mark slurring that I thought he had a really distinctive voice and I thought he was the best! (cringe)

At one stage I elbowed my way into a group and got in on the conversation. I started to tell a really dirty joke and halfway through, realised that Kian and Shane were standing there in the group listening to me with blank expressions on their face! It was... unnerving. I started having a laugh with, what turned out to be, Brian McFaddens dad. At one stage, some woman made a smart comment at him and I said "Don't mind her... she's just jealous that your Brian McFaddens dad." He just turned to me and said "I think not... that's Brian McFaddens mum". The whole group burst out laughing.

I walked out of there with loads of numbers of the Westlife family clan and they wanted me to join them each time the lads come home. Good night.
(Wed 31st May 2006, 14:08, More)

» Never Meet Your Heroes

John Mayer...
Met him twice. Really nice guy. Hung out in his hotel after the gig chatting with the band.

Got VIP tickets to a Counting Crows gig in Dublin with my girlfriend two years ago. Was delighted as I have been a fan since they released 'August &...'. Drinking away and next thing the band came out. My girlfriend had no idea who they were and I had to whisper "Ok, this is Dan, he's the guitarist" etc etc before talking to each member. They were hilarious! Dan was the funniest guy I have ever met. Anyway, Adam was chatting away to someone but I couldn't resist to get a photo with him. I had butterflies in my stomach walking up as he was such an influential part of my teenage years. I'll never forget seeing my hand raise up to tap him on the shoulder as it was all so unreal. I was about to tap Adam Duritz on the shoulder and talk to him!! He turned, I asked him for a photo and he proceeded to give out to me for disturbing him and then ranted at me saying (and I quote) "Just because you buy the albums, doesn't mean that you have any right to disturb me for a picture when I am talking to a friend." Here's a tip Adam... if you are at an after show party filled with people who were at the gig... you will be disturbed. Don't go if you have an issue with that.

Lets just say that I no longer hold him in such high regard. I told Dan that I thought he was a bastard... and he agreed.
(Wed 31st May 2006, 13:43, More)