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I'm male and live in the depths of Devon Cornwall Wales Bristol

I can make vectors and musicalnesses (theme tunes, If you will) on request (and if I can be arsed)

I like Circus skills - can stilt walk, spin fire (poi/staff), juggle, contact juggle ond hoop.

I also play saxaphone, piano and drums a lot.

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The Lasse Gjertsen club

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» Best Graffiti Ever

In a local town of Bideford
there is a little road, origionally going by the name of "Stella Maris Court"

some clever bugger has changed it to "lla ma s oup"

makes me giggle every time...

This is my first post related to the qotw so be nice ; )
(Thu 3rd May 2007, 20:55, More)

» Best Films Ever

awesome japanese crazyness!

Main character dies at the beginning, brought back to life and OH SHIT! his muscles are expanding so fast they're gonna burst through his skin... lets put him in a suit to hold him together, give him a sword and huzzah! a superhero of sorts, he declares himself god and runs around the awesomely animated world (though he is a real actor) fighting a huge army of robots!

(Sat 19th Jul 2008, 19:55, More)

» We have to talk

Is it me,
or are the people adding to Frank's list just quoting Dilbert?
(Mon 23rd Apr 2007, 22:03, More)