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» Conned

Not really conned but... meh
I fix computers to pay for my beer between lectures. One day an old woman calls me up and asks if I can fix her printer. So I drive the 15 odd miles to find that the usb cable isn't plugged in. I make that sucking of air noise that mechanics make and though to myself, 'I can't charge the old bint £40 for me to plug in a cable.'

I needed something from the job so I told her every now and then she should tap the printer with a screwdriver to release any excess buildup of printer electrons as there were quite a few there. The look on her face was as if id just told her she had the vagina of a 20 year old (she didn't).

Despite being shocked by the abundance of sub-atomic printer ions, she showed me out and then probably topped herself.

cunt cunt cunt fucking cunt cunt cunt.
(Fri 19th Oct 2007, 16:22, More)