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Bulldog Ugly

Hailing from gods own county (Yorkshire), standing 6ft tall and weighing in at a massive 15 stone (34% of which 'could' be muscle), is the awesome Mr. BulldogUgly

For the record:

  • I'm a full blooded biker, leather trousers, hairy arse and all.

  • I'm half Irish and half Welsh, though born and raised in Yorkshire, this makes for a unique accent and temperament.

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    » Accidental animal cruelty

    My Cat...
    ...first off, I love my cat. Although what I did to him was kind of harsh, and to this day, he has trust issues where i am concerned, the fat ginger bundle of matted fur has being a loyal companion for about 10 years now.

    ...anyway. My cat has always been the "eyes bigger than his belly" type, sniffing at or helping himself to anything that is on offer or just left un-attended for too long.

    One day I had purchased some of those breath strips that looks like small sheets of plastic and dissolved on your tounge... his crying at me and sniffing of the box made me decide to call his bluff (all his fault y'see).

    I broke a small peice of a strip of and placed it on his tounge..... for about 15 minutes he jumped around our back garden foaming at the mouth and sneezing....

    His breath smelt lovely though
    (Wed 12th Dec 2007, 13:15, More)

    » Work Experience

    Late entry....
    Showed my old man this site last night, and after laughing his way through some of the stories, he asked me to add one of his own.

    My old man used to work away as a contractor on sites across the country, primarily building large supermarkets. As has already been covered in these pages, building sites can be rough on the new guy.

    A tale that stood out was of a new labourer, who for some reason, decided to continually annoy the concrete layers....

    To the point, that one day, as he did his usual, the concrete layers grabbed him, and threaded a length of scaffold through the arms of his overalls... then attached him to a length of cable and signalled tyheir mate... who was a crane driver, who hoisted the lad 200ft in the air.

    And there he stayed, high above newcastle, while the rest of the lads, went for lunch.
    (Wed 16th May 2007, 9:03, More)

    » Mums

    ...scary mother
    Where I grew up has bugger all to do if you're too young to drink, and too skint to have a decent computer, so I used to hang around in a group (we didn't have 'gangs', 'crews' or 'massives' back then) of mates. This is the tale of the night I got pinched told from two perspectives.. first, my mates (or more accurately, like-minded scrotes)...

    One night, we were hanging around the off license chatting and minding are own business, when a police van hammered around the corner and screeched to a halt next to the group, two officers exited the van, grabbed BulldogUgly, and bundled him into the back of the van without saying a word.

    "What's e'done" shouted one of the braver lads, still keeping his distance from the menacing looking officers of the law.

    "Lads," sighs the smallest of the officers "We can't tell you, but we'd advise you not to go upsetting him when he gets out... specially if he's near sharp objects"

    With that, they drove away... we didn't see Bulldog for a few weeks, and when we did, he wouldn't explain what had happened....

    From my mothers point of view.... To her two police friends in the garage one night...

    "You know what will be funny?"

    nuff said? :-S
    (Tue 16th Feb 2010, 13:30, More)

    » Pet Stories

    ...we had two cats, they were brothers and although would fight quite nastily with each other, they would soon close ranks on anything else that tried to involve itself. Spyke, the fat ginger sex addict, is unfortunately none too sharp mentally, being the a typical house cat and more of a lover than a fighter (though he did rape a squirrel last week... it was disturbing). His brother, S'tan, was the type of cat everyone dreams of having, jet black, friendly and harbouring a seething hatred of all rodents and birds making for some creative executons (he drowned one in his water bowl... and chewed the wings off one of the neighbours pigeons....evil bastard that he was).

    So one day, Spyke was caught unaware and attacked quite vicously by the magpies that nest at the bottom of our garden, with no S'tan there to protect him, Spyke took one hell of a paggering and ended up being taken to vets.... for those who have never seen magpies attack a cat... they are calculating evil buggers, and deserved all that followed...

    S'tan declared war... and for a cat who made a habit of butchering any wildlife in our garden... he meant business. He ran up the tree and sat in one of their nests, flicking the chicks out and seemingly relishing in the sight of them bouncing their way down the tree... when barren he would move onto the next nest. Eventually, one of the magpies swooped down in protest.... S'tan jumped up... stuck his rather sizeable claws into the birds face and rode it to the floor below..... removed it's throat... and then ran back up the tree to continue his new fun game.

    ....Sadly, S'tan is no longer with us, hit by a car a few month back, the only time i ever saw him attack a human was when the vet shoved a themometer up his bum.... even wounded the bugger could shred flesh with ease....

    apologies for length.....
    (Fri 8th Jun 2007, 13:07, More)

    » We have to talk

    Only happened once.
    Little bit of insight into why I'm such a prick this one.

    T'was the week before Valentines, and my first proper gf (and not just drunken fumble), uttered these immortal and ominous words.

    Now this lass had already cheated on me twice, once with a supposed best mate (a story for another time) and due to a low self esteem at the time, I took the lying slag back.

    Over the course of our relationship, I had an epihany of sorts, realising that although I am never going to win a beauty contest or be a millionare, I'm fun to be around due to my complete lack of shame and smart mouth, and thus realised that although I did love the girl, I could do better.

    She phoned me first and had a preperation argument, then she came over to visit, and she began listing my faults...

    I cut her off and asked how her new fella was...

    I explained that she had being seen with a blonde stick thin wanky student type by some of my mates, and that I'd being shagging a lass from the typing pool at work for 2 months and didn't really give two squirts of piss about her latest rhetoric or batch of excuses, and nor would I accept that I was in any way at fault for her desire to fill her cavernous chuff with any cock she was able to find available and willing.

    She screamed and threw shit at me, I laughed and pointed out that Karma's a bitch... somehow I ended up giving her a break-up rutting, and I aint seen her since.

    (Fri 20th Apr 2007, 11:37, More)
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