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Sneaky peak at this weeks Sue Gray report, overlooked by Boris Johnson... 🤔

(Mon 24th Jan 2022, 18:18, More)

(Thu 16th Dec 2021, 11:01, More)

(Sun 3rd Oct 2021, 17:14, More)

(Thu 19th Aug 2021, 20:36, More)

(Thu 7th Jan 2021, 9:35, More)

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(Mon 28th Dec 2020, 14:15, More)

(Sun 22nd Nov 2020, 16:56, More)

Up outside Weymouth Conservative Club yesterday

(Mon 26th Oct 2020, 19:28, More)

Cheeky fun in the men's bogs at Wetherspoons xxx
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(Tue 8th Sep 2020, 10:55, More)

Great to see the new, 'world beating', track and trace app released today.

(Tue 11th Aug 2020, 11:28, More)

♫ If I only had a brain ♫

(Fri 7th Aug 2020, 8:58, More)

(Thu 23rd Jul 2020, 16:31, More)

Common sense

(Mon 13th Jul 2020, 19:01, More)

Van Goth

(Wed 1st Jul 2020, 10:44, More)

Rees Moggy

(Mon 22nd Jun 2020, 11:05, More)

I hadn't heard of Colston till yesterday. The 'mindless vandalism' was very educational in my gaps of knowledge about slavery. Viva thugs!
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(Mon 8th Jun 2020, 11:09, More)

(Wed 27th May 2020, 10:56, More)

Us...... and them....
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(Wed 27th May 2020, 10:23, More)

SICK AND TIRED of all these lockdown restrictions telling you where you can or cannot go?
Next time you wish to travel a fucking huge distance when the current rules tell you not to, print the mask out, pop it on and get driving to the other end of the country care-free!

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(Sat 23rd May 2020, 19:12, More)

So... to clarify...
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(Mon 11th May 2020, 9:40, More)

(Wed 22nd Apr 2020, 16:01, More)

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(Fri 3rd Apr 2020, 18:50, More)

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(Thu 26th Mar 2020, 18:07, More)

Boris & co taking control
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(Mon 16th Mar 2020, 15:28, More)

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(Wed 26th Feb 2020, 16:09, More)

Fun with dogshit

(Wed 23rd Oct 2019, 12:04, More)

And while we're at it...

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(Mon 21st Oct 2019, 11:45, More)

Taking back control

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(Sun 20th Oct 2019, 15:06, More)

Jesus sounds a bit like 'sausage' backwards

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(Wed 15th Nov 2017, 23:31, More)

Up yours, Labour!!

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(Thu 8th Jun 2017, 11:27, More)


(Wed 17th May 2017, 19:00, More)

When I see that circle of hippos on BBC1, I can't help but think of them shitting into each other's mouths. Anyone else? Here, I made a diagram to help you to visualise this...

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(Fri 9th Oct 2015, 18:28, More)

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