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# I hadn't heard of Colston till yesterday. The 'mindless vandalism' was very educational in my gaps of knowledge about slavery. Viva thugs!

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(, Mon 8 Jun 2020, 11:09, archived)
# He probly thinks this
(, Mon 8 Jun 2020, 11:28, archived)
# Bristol should make it an annual event
Every year they put up a statue/effigy of a hated figure on that plinth, every 7th June the people of Bristol pull it down and throw it into the Avon.

Could become a great British tradition, like burning effigies of Guy Fawkes. Gives the people an opportunity to get together and express discontent, keeps the memory of Colston alive which some people have complained about. Win-win.
(, Mon 8 Jun 2020, 11:44, archived)
A House Through Time is a fantastic series on BBC, but is utterly timely. It tracks a household in Bristol and it starts with slave traders.

I recommend checking it out if you can.
(, Mon 8 Jun 2020, 14:50, archived)