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Frog jumps and emcee-ing. And geekery, of course. Oh yes, I'm practically perfect in every way ;)

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» Running away

I was a simple child
When I was 11 I ran away because I didn't want to go to my flute lesson. I took my beloved guinea pig, Gilbert and put on my coat and wandered the streets for 20 minutes singing Tainted Love by Soft Cell.

When my dad found me after 20 minutes, his response was "So I see you've brought Gilbert. Is he for company or food?"

My mum then made me go to the flute lesson, and when we arrived, told my flute teacher why exactly we were 20 minutes late. :(
(Mon 14th Aug 2006, 19:56, More)

» Restaurants, Kitchens and Bars... Oh my!

omigod, i can't find my cock
At 17 I was doing three things - my A Levels, working as a waitress in a local restaurant and taking prodigious amounts of very strong amphetamines.

The head chef and I were meeting for illicit shags in the staff room, office and on the tables after work for a couple of months. Although in his late 20s he had never been exposed to drugs, so one night after the shift I fed him some pretty strong base.

Rushing his tits off he got a sudden urge to drive and we ended up meandering round central London at 4am. The high point was in a back street near Marble Arch when he got out of the car to have a piss in a doorway and I heard the plaintive cry of "Omigod I actually can't find my cock."

Remember children, *just say no*
(Sun 23rd Jul 2006, 18:02, More)

» Food sex

Yolks on you
One very hungover Saturday morning during the very lusty beginnings of my relationship with Mr Kippers he cooked me a lovely restorative breakfast of scrambled eggs on toasted muffins. Very tasty it was too, and as a thank you I knelt next to him while he was sat on his sofa and gave him a very long and dirty blow job. Now he likes his oral hard and deep and as he was holding my head and deep throating me, I gagged. My poor delicate stomach flipped over and before I could right myself it emptied itself, depositing warm sticky half digested eggy mess all over his cock, stomach, legs and sofa. Needless to say he didn't come :(
(Fri 7th Aug 2009, 10:42, More)