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» I don't understand the attraction

Jutting bones & scrawney legs.
How can any self respecting man get sexually aroused by those women who look like recent guests of a concentration camp.

Is it the fact that a lot of them look like a scrawny 12 year old boy and sets something off these "men" can't admit to themselves?
(Thu 15th Oct 2009, 15:18, More)

» Mad Stuff You've Done To Get Someone To Sleep With You

Not exactly romantic,
but I find that jumping out of a closet with hood, rope, ductape and a sharp instrument will usually result in the fulfillment of my sex fantasy.

Also saves on drinks/dinner/movie nonsense.
(Fri 13th Apr 2007, 12:22, More)

» Oldies vs Computers

Spent hours at home
developing an interlocking GSP uplink sidebar open sporum for the offices line vane decrop systems.

Left for just a moment with the QDQF left in the outer dolling mode.

My 97 year old Grandmother walks in and seeing the sensor side operating light blinking decided to press the slide press open banner button.

Of course that ended my career. I now live in a van down by the river.
(Sat 23rd Sep 2006, 20:55, More)

» Going Too Far

I need laughs.
Please don't fight. I need my daily fix of b3ta and QOTW or I'll go "to far" off the deep end.

I'm an American, b3ta & QOTW are the only sane things in my life, as I live in a 300 million people nut house run by a frat boy cheerleader. Who went to far.
(Fri 17th Nov 2006, 3:51, More)

» Mad Stuff You've Done To Get Someone To Sleep With You

Sleep with me?
Never have trouble getting girls to sleep with me.

It's the having sex part I fail at.
(Mon 16th Apr 2007, 6:01, More)
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