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» Mistaken Identity

lets set the scene...
In the foot section of a freezing tent (the main compartment was full) lying next to my mate, on a misty hill...

i wake up from my pitiful sleep and realise that she is awake too, so i smile at her in what i believed to be a friendly way, completely unprepared for what came next-

a scream
a knee to the bollocks
a few more screams (several from me, admittedly)

it turns out she thought my smile made me look like a murderer from some film she had watched the night before (sleepy hollow possibly).

that was a new one on me!

past comparisons have been:

a chipmunk
stephen fry
george bush when he was younger
david hasselhoff
daniel craig
the hulk
cameron diaz's retarded brother on "theres something about mary"

i am 17.

EDIT: irrelevance of setting the scene part has hit me now
(Sat 2nd Jun 2007, 23:07, More)

» DIY fashion

Chipshop Chic
In an exam that i had finished before the allotted time, i decided to go through my pockets, and found several chipforks (its impossible to just take one, isnt it) and proceeded to stick them in the back of my friend's ponytail- that little bit of compacted hair inside the actual band. she didnt notice for ages and even when she did she left them in. I'd love to be able to say several other friends decided to do it and spawned a new fashion, but no.

I suppose it must have looked like a chav version of those chopsticks oriental people wear in their hair.

Thank you,
(Sat 26th Aug 2006, 11:44, More)

» School Trips

Another French Exchange Tale
On the ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo, we were split into cabin groups- which was essentially those that would and wouldnt sleep. i ended up in the latter. we were all having a laugh, then one by one we dropped off to sleep. Five minutes after i was asleep, the other guys in the cabin decided to close my bunk bed, complete with me in it, into the wall. they'd been pretending to be asleep. cue me being unable to move at all whilst my "friends" piss themselves laughing on the floor. i couldn't get to sleep, even after i was let out, as i was so paranoid that they'd pull the trick again.

all in all a crap nights sleep, but hey, i managed to get a b3ta QOTW answer out of it!

(Sat 9th Dec 2006, 15:25, More)

» Going Too Far

May not be 100% reliable, but here goes...
This is a couple of stories about some guy in my school, which nobody knows the veracity of!

firstly- at christmas
he receives a present from his granddad which he is not very happy with and makes it fairly clear. his granddad picks him up on not being very tactful. This kid stabs him in the leg.

he is cleaning his rat's cage out, and when he is putting it back in it nips him on the hand. He stabs it several times with a butter knife.

another variation on the second one is that he just removed its legs and let it bleed to death.

either way, just a bit too far i'd say
(Fri 10th Nov 2006, 21:03, More)

» DIY fashion

Geek Fashion
When in years 7 and 8 me and two other friends decided that wearing monacles would be funny, and become cool. So, i went to one of those toy dispensers (insert a coin, receive sh!te) in a supermarket and bought a necklace which had a glass disc for a pendant, with a holographic yin and yang.

Monday, 08:55, Classroom

"Evans you monger"

Tuesday, 08:55, Classroom

"Evans you complete monger"

never did get cool, or even mildly comical...
(Thu 24th Aug 2006, 22:29, More)
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