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» The worst sex I ever had

Good Times And Bad
ok to be fair this completely off topic but like i give a fuck anymore

ok about 2 or 3 weeks ago i lost my virginity... it was fucking amazing!!!!!!

this girl was a stunner and i have been courting with her.. only 2 days ago were we "doing the deed" literally all day .. (like about 7 hours we spent in bed.. about 6 of them were spent for lack of a better technical term "shagging" and yes i want more of it right about now....

as for worst ? maybe 1st time.. i came all over her stomach and then my knob hurt for a few days :( (sorted it out by furiosly masturbating and having some more sex)

but yeah.. i'm a bit chuffed with myself right about now.. so fuck you all ^_^

length ?

about 8 inches and springy
(Fri 15th Jun 2007, 14:27, More)

» Addicted

So there i was. cold shivering, walking through town in the dead of night, flicking at my mobile phone, the battery dying but anxiously waiting for a call to come through. I see a bench, vacant, like me, and i'm weary, this is my 3rd day awake in a row, i shuffle over to it, my arms and legs limp and raw, my fingers start buzzing, My phone! At last, i paw at the keys, it connects, and i hear a voice rasp, "yeah", i'm not impressed, i've been waiting for this call for hours and he has the nerve to sound like some retard chimpanze that's just come out a of a coma, but i keep my thoughts to myself. "You got the stuff?", i enquire, my teeth chattering in the cold, "Sure it's right here in front of me". Well fucking great, another 4 mile walk just to get ripped off, but i'm not complaining, he's been always been there for me to take my money, whatever time of night or day, not unlike the other class of scum that's on the street, they're not even old enough to have their own house yet, selling out of someone else's garden, i bet they're all tucked up in bed with their computer games and dumb school girl friends, easy money to them, sell some drugs here, take a few there, "the good life" or so they say, but i'm rambling now, "ok, i'll you in a bit" i mutter down the phone, i hang up, switch off the phone in the safe knownledge that i'm not popular or wanted enough to be called back tonight, or any other for that matter, put the coat in my pocket and set off into the night.

It's not a bad night tonight, the drunken parties ended about an hour ago, just as i was coming too in an empty carpark, and everyone's going home to be happy tommorow, the joy of christmas, or so they say. A chill breeze slithers through the streets, i pull my worn leather jacket around me, a thin holey t-shirt and some baggy jeans that haven't been washed for days, i'm also at his house now, i walk up to the intercom, press it twice, a call sign, the police only ring once, he answers, not waiting for him to speak i say "it's me". I'm in, walking up four flights of stairs, the door's on the latch and i walk right in, he's sat alone, which was strange, day or night there's always a few people knocking around, but apparently hospitality isn't high on his list tonight, i reach into my jacket, and toss him a half torn, worn out 20 note, it's all i have left, there are 4 needle's out on the table, i look quizzically at him, "merry christmas" is all he says, i don't argue, free drugs are never to be passed up on, but there will be no enjoy, as i need these to stay awake, i need these to feel something, just that one last token hit of magic, "yeah and a happy fucking new year", i say back, i scoop up the needles and head to the bathroom.

Bent spoons and used needles lie in the path, torn towel everywhere, first timers, need to get their veins to show, i've done this a thousand times before, i check the needle, and slip it into my lifeless arm, i wait for the rush to come, that pin prick of life to course through me, this is my happy ending, well until tommorow, 10 seconds pass, nothing, 20... i look down at the fresh hole in my arm, it's hard to spot at first, scar's scracthed away from years of abuse, it's seeping a bit of blood.. why can't i feel anything.... I grab a strip of towel wrap it round my arm and pull it tight, the vein, almost destryoed, surfaces gently and weeps a single droplet of blood, i grab a 2nd needle and jab it into my arm... FUCK, WHY CAN'T I FEEL ANYTHING, shit, this is bad, bad drugs, no way, he's always been good to me, and it's christmas, it's not supposed to happen this way, i grab the last 2 needles desperate claw for a vein. My wrist starts throbbing, it's as good a place as any, i stab both of them into my wrist, i don't even care anymore if they hit a vein, these have to work...

i wait, theres nothing more to it now, i mean 4 needles in as many minutes, i should be on cloud fucking nine by now, suddenly my head goes light, and i feel warm and wet, theres a dull throbbibg in the my head, i must of hit it as i fell off the toilet, a bright light comes on, and i drift off to have my bit of life.

"Shit!", fucking junkies, i mean he can't of been there long, 5 - 6 minutes max, i'm staring at a soon to be body of a regular customer, his leather jacket around his slim frame, but his weight isn't my main concern, it's the worrying amount of blood seeping out of his wrist with 2 needles in it that are my main concern, i lean down and gingerly pull the first one out, i reach for the second and drag it clear, FUCK, theres blood everywhere, the needles now disgarded in the bath, i have to get him out of here, trust reliable junkies to go and OD and bleed out on my night off... There has to be a way out of this, i drag his body through my apartment, blood's going everywhere, i pick him up and throw him over my shoulders, i've had to lift heavier bags of shopping, i walk down the steps and out into the night, he starts to choke, i don't know if this is a good or bad thing, he's stopped moving on my shoulders, all i wanted for once was some peace and quiet, and i get stuck with this waster. I drop him into the back of my car. I don't know if he's breathing, you can never tell, and this pissing wind isn't helping, i close the door and go round, turn the engine on, it splutters to life and all i can think is "drive".

I watch from my parked car as the paramedics load his body into the ambulance, i'm not half a mile away from where i live, the black bag he's in is twice his size, his skeletal frame barely making a dent in it. They couldn't tell when exactly he died or where, just that it was somewhere between 3:30 - 4:30am on christmas morning, his name was Edward, and he was 23.
(Mon 22nd Dec 2008, 16:22, More)

» Why I was late

why was i late ?
i was busy at home "sleeping" with this hot girl... suddenly the phone rings... so i stride over stark bollock naked with a raging hard on.. pick it up.. it's my teacher

"FUCK" says i, in my mind...

i actually say "hello Mrs Green, how can i help you on this glorios day ?"

at this point my sweet fair maiden walks over at starts whispering into my other ear that she is going to fuck me so hard before she starts sucking me off with great vigor

as my teacher is talking about something or other that i haven't been in for the past couple of lessons i suddenly moan "i'm going to cum" and before i realize what i've done i've shot my load all over the wall , i hang up the phone in realization of what i just said.. i've just told my teacher that i'm going to cum... fuck knows what she thinks i was doing

she didn't call back..........

i asked my dear why she did it her answer ? "thought it was kinky" and she was right it was.

gave her good seeing to the rest of the day

length about 7 inches and soggy
(Fri 29th Jun 2007, 2:27, More)

» Faking it

faked orgasm once, i just pissed inside her and fell asleep.
(Thu 10th Jul 2008, 21:47, More)

» Cringe!

Ohh God
I was but a mere 15, hot under the collar, having been mixing it up with my then girlfriend for a few months of dry humping / oral endeavours, we broke up, as i was pressured into studies by my parents, and really i could just masturbate and play video games... Wait that's still what i'm doing... Procrastination at it's finest? I think so!

But yes it's just past 2 years i think we'd been broken up but still chatting (she was foreign and had a small social circle at the time) and pleasuring / dry fucking each other on and off behind her boyfriends back, she cheated on him for about 6 months, then went cold turkey and left me high and dry... However all was not forgiven apparently, i was approaching my 16th birthday and randomly we're just chatting on the interbots thingy ma jig (MSN) and came the bomb shell "Name do you want to sleep with me?" well dot mutha baggy pingu cunt festering fuck scrotum dot, i could not believe it, the girl of my obbsessions (1st love's i.e think with my dick) i was a bit skeptical, thinking maybe it's a set up, but no! This offer of sex with my bonafide sex godess that i would masturbate to before i found free pr0n was asking me for sex! So i agreed, and we set a time and a date she asked me what i wanted her to wear, i didn't really care but she came dressed in smoking hot lingerie and a nice skirt and jacket, the house was empty, and we got down to business, after some foreplay, and getting rid of the clothes, we were finally there, i was about to lose it, and it was going to be like her 2nd "first time" since i was "that speical" to her, all words that pleased my aching heart and swollen member, so no condom on (she insisited "i'm on the pill it's fine") i went for it, cloud 9, the big score, SEX. i was in, ohh shit this is good, ohh ahhh,, ITHURTSOHHGODI'MGOINGTOCUMANDIDONTWANTTOCUMINSIDEYOU,YOUMIGHTGETPREGNANTANDTHENWTF *pull out cum all over her stomach* AWKARD.... but reassureingly says it's ok and that i'll last longer next time, i knew what to expect, but not that! So back we go and do nothing but fuck for 3 hours straight, i came out of that room feeling like a seasoned veteran off all those pron movies that i'd be watching! We left the house together, my hand on her arse and a shit eating grin on my face, she said i had "a million dollar smile" i felt like a million bucks i'll tell you that much! This carried on for about a month until she said she had to stop (she came back for more) and then things got a little bit sour, and accusations of sleeping around were made! I MEAN for the love of something holy, she was still going out with her man and she's still with him to this day! And she's trying to get the higher ground on me!

It ended horribly we didn't speak for months but slowly we reformed our relationship but it never returned to thee state it was, or even our friendship was that good anymore, she was evasive and scared of me on her own, i was (and still am) a horny teenager so i groped her when no one was looking, sometimes it was fine others it wasn't.

But that was then and this is now, she took my heart and tore it to pieces and then she left for uni in her perfect world with her new friends and boyfriend, and i'm the outsider that's just now "that guy", i miss what we had, but i've been told and know that she's by no means the hottest girl on the planet, but to me she was everything.

Thats about it really

i cringe telling this story and it breaks my heart and i'm getting teary eyed at work! It's been 2 years surely i should be over her by now??

FOR FUCK SAKE B3TA i'm sorry for being a mopy cunt the cringe bit was about 3 paragraphs up!

length ??? 2 years and it still hurts!
(Mon 1st Dec 2008, 14:27, More)
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