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21, Student in Colchester, drink problem, the usual.

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Damn I've caught the bug, my first day here and my second animation already, it's all down hill from here folks :( Oh and REALLY sorry about the filesize this time just clips the 200K :(
(Fri 11th Oct 2002, 17:51, More)

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» Embarrassing Injuries

Just remembered another one..
When I was young, like really young 1 or so I dunno I dont actually remember it but this is how my mum tells it, I wasn't old enough to talk anyway. I fell down the stairs in my house, and this is an old house, the stairs were steep, seriously death trap kinda steep. Anyway I fall down and break my arm, my mum the loving caring woman that she is ignores it for a week and only takes me to the doctor when she finally gets fed up of my constant screaming everytime she touched it. Seriously! And I wonder why I have trust issues with women now...
(Tue 7th Sep 2004, 12:39, More)

» Embarrassing Injuries

No so much embarrassing
..more stupid. K long story as short as I can make it, I have a big scar on my knee to this day and I blame it 100% on the film 'cool runnings' yeh the bobsleigh thing. I was young, probably 10 /11 or there abouts and had just seen this film with my mate, he lives on a hill and owns a go-cart, what the hell did they think was gonna happen? Seriously.

So were sitting at the top of these kinda alley way things, its hard to describe but there was one long alley, maybe 70m which comes out onto a road, then another alley the other side, another 70 odd metres down to some field or other, we didn't think that far ahead. The plan was simple, I was the pusher/brake man and I had a small lump of wood to use as the brake, come the bottom of the first alley I was the stick it under a back wheel and we'd come to a stop. My mate was steering up front.

I give us a good hard push a jump on and were going pretty damn fast already, its a steep hill, we get half way down and I get pretty scared so I go for the brakes, stick the wood under a wheel and snap, wood flies out of my hands like a rocket and land somewhere behind us, 3 seconds later and we emerge from the first ally and shoot quite litterly across this road meer feet away from a passing car, no doubt filling the trousers of said driver.

Anyway we shoot over and hit the second ally, still going, faster and faster. By this point were pretty shit scared and thoughts turn to escape, the bottom of the second ally is comming up and it seems to flatten out abit, I take the oppertunity to jump off sideways, wrapping myself around a badly placed lamppost as I do so, my mate being the pussy he is and seeing this stays on the cart and flies head first at what must be a good 25-30mph into a large bed of stinging nettles, I'm not sure who got the raw deal there really.

Needless to say some concerned resident comes out to save us after hearing our combined screams and drives us back up the hill to my mates house. I think his mum was pretty pissed actually.

So anyway, that hurt...
(Tue 7th Sep 2004, 1:14, More)

» Have you ever been rude to a celebrity?

Few random ones, At our uni summer ball a last year some boy band (I forget which, they're all the same to me) played, it was around 1am and needless to say we were tanked so we got loads of paper, made a large 'fuck off' sign and stuck it to our foreheads, went down the front (of only like 200 people anyway) and just screamed 'fuck off' at them over and over until we were removed from the tent!

Ermm also many years back CliffyB of Epic (the guys who make the unreal games) told me to fuck off and stop being a twat in some online chat, I forget why, but I was probably drunk then too.
(Thu 15th Apr 2004, 13:37, More)