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» The thing I've been most ashamed of doing with a penis

Usingg it to tyyype rhis
(Thu 12th Mar 2009, 13:58, More)

» Dumped

Warning- Story contains most romantic gift ever:
a crate of whine.
(Thu 3rd Jan 2013, 16:47, More)

» Books

"If you only ever read one book in your life...
...I highly recommend you keep your mouth shut."
- The League Against Tedium
(Fri 6th Jan 2012, 23:49, More)

» Clubs, gangs, and societies

Want to experience the thrills of that most exclusive society /talk?
But scared of their bullying?
Try this emulator: all the sophisticated repartee, none of the terrible online bullying.
(Fri 22nd Jun 2012, 9:06, More)

» Biggest Sexual Regret

Fucking five blokes within the space of about 12 hours.
It's good to stretch your boundaries*, but that just made me feel a bit "slaggy".
(Thu 8th Dec 2011, 15:39, More)
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