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» Tales of the Unexplained

A rather large bunch of people,
obviously lliterate, most of them in industrialized countries, living under the enlightment of the XXIth century... who believe in ghosts!

(Wed 9th Jul 2008, 8:38, More)

» Sleepwalking

I don’t sleep walk, but...
sometimes I sleep with my eyes open. The first time scared me, but now I developed a wicked liking to being awakened by screaming ladies.
(Sat 25th Aug 2007, 2:43, More)

» Public Sex

beach: check
cinema: check
club: check
street: check
stadium: check
park: check
graveyard: check
train: check
auditorium: check

I'm shy and don't like outdoors sex, but hey...
(Thu 23rd Apr 2009, 15:02, More)

» Terrible food

About expiry dates...
I eat my yogurt when the date has expired about a month ago. But it's on purpose and isn't terrible, it's delicious.
(Thu 17th May 2007, 22:33, More)

» Terrible food

In brief...
Spaghetti with Nesquik.
Can't pass the 5th bite.

(Well, I was very hungry, was worth a try)
(Thu 17th May 2007, 20:51, More)
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