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» Secret Santa

Student Laziness
Ah, Secret Santa. Nothing more fun than giving someone shit you don't want, or stuff you've dragged up in the discount bins of a charity shop. This year, our little uni flat drew names at random, and each of us allocated a flatmate to buy stuff for. Being a bum, I put it off to the very last minute, at which time I'd forgotten. So cue all of us gathering in a nice circle, exchanging presents, and comes my turn:

me: I forgot...
Her:What do you mean "I forgot"?
me: I forgot to buy you a presnt.. Will *looks in wallet* a fiver *rummages through pockets* some headphones and a pen i nicked from work do?
Her:... Probably.
I come back a few hours later, she's left the pen and the headphones on the floor. The cheek of some people!
(Tue 26th Dec 2006, 1:42, More)