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Nerves of steel, heart of gold, knob of butter

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» Road Rage

This one goes out to...
This goes out to the pikey little chav in the red corsa 1.1 who cut me up on the roundabout last month almost causing me to crash my beloved superbike.

I piped my horn at you, you little git, because you were in the wrong and you were dangerous. Piping my horn at you does not mean screech to a halt after the roundabout and stride up to me like you’re effing the king of the world, egged on by your idiot friends still in the car. Neither does piping my horn at you mean “come and take a swing at me, I’m your personal punch bag”.

Pikey chav, if you’re reading this… Your hand hurts because it’s a silly idea to punch a biker wearing full leathers and body armour and if you’re wondering why you woke up in the middle of the road it’s because you had a road accident – with my kevlar armoured bike glove to your spotty chin.

I think the cheers from the occupants of the 2 cars behind me were all the justification I needed for that bit of road rage.
(Wed 18th Oct 2006, 15:03, More)