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Your Career Type: Autistic

You are expressive, original, and independent.

Your talents lie in your autistic abilities: creative writing, drama, crafts, music, or art.

You would make an excellent:

Actor - Art Teacher - Book Editor

Clothes Designer - Comedian - Composer

Dancer - DJ - Graphic Designer

Illustrator - Musician - Sculptor

The worst career options for your are conventional careers, like bank teller or secretary.

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What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Halo.I am a Halo.

I believe I am perfect. Others may not think so, but those others are wrong. What Sort of Hat Are You?

(If you were not a Halo you would be a Fedora.)

What Sort of Hat Are You? I am a Fedora.I am a Fedora.

The hat of the adventurous, I am spontaneous and active, perhaps sometimes a little foolishly. Regardless, I always come out alright. What Sort of Hat Are You?


You are .mp3 The kids love you.  You get along with just about everybody except the music industry.  You really make yourself heard.
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What Video Game Character Are You? I am an Asteroid.I am an Asteroid.

I am a drifter. I go where life leads, which makes me usually a very calm and content sort of person. That or thoroughly apathetic. Usually I keep on doing whatever I'm doing, and it takes something special to make me change my mind. What Video Game Character Are You?

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» Bodge Jobs

not really that exciting
but we have this really fat director that works for us and he is known for breaking every chair since he is so fat so i tend to fix those and just get as much screws and nails into the chairs as possible so they will won't break apart the minute he sits down but nothing really works and i always end up fixing them.
(Sun 13th Mar 2011, 16:37, More)

» Secret Santa

Rich people give away great gifts
I always gave away pretty good stuff but I remember I always got crap. Ages ago when I was still in school and we did that secret Santa thing some REALLY rich kid picked my name out of the hat. He was living in this BIG mansion (his parents were both architects) which also consisted of a forest they owned as well. They had a bunch of cars (sometimes his father drove this old expensive vintage car), a swimming pool and he had 3 big rooms for himself. Now what did I get from that rich bastard child? A LOUSY PENCIL! He is rich so couldn’t he at least have given me a set of pencils? A piece of chocolate would have been more expensive. I also think the pencil was already used so he didn’t get me anything at all. Rich people are great.
(Sat 16th Dec 2006, 0:06, More)