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I piss around with PaintShop Pro in the name of poor humour and/or half-decent vectoring. Occasionally animation is involved.

Stuff wot I done:

Great Conversations in the Animal Kingdom

The Whale and the Ant
The Elephant and the Walrus
The Owl and the Pussycat
The Woodlouse and the Armadillo

The Harbingers of Doom

The Great Hymenoptera War

1. Wasp Infantry
2. Honey Bee Infantry

My 2000th post was a bit rude. Riverghost doctored it a bit:

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If only he got the full version...

(Fri 15th Jun 2007, 15:26, More)

Likely bindun.


(Tue 23rd Jan 2007, 20:04, More)

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» Sleepwalking

I have no idea
OK, my lovely lady lived in France for a year as part of her degree, and I went out there a few times.

One night while I was over there, she started muttering nonsense in her sleep. Real words, just making no sense.

I turned and looked at her and went "WHAT?"

She then said "oh, pardon" all french sounding, and then proceeded to reel off what I assume was the same gibberish, only in French.

She's dead proud of this.
(Fri 24th Aug 2007, 17:53, More)