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My Name is James, im 19.
b3ta has been my downfall, i used to know useful things which have been replaced by magenta, kittens, teh quo, teh fear etc.

That is all.

My Tesco Value Butters:
(Which seemed to prove popular, possibly because of their amazing quality and effort i put into creating them! Click to see animation and thread)

Execution Chipper Dive Tub Fall Death By Sloth! Goatse Cannon Chain Saw Hack Saw Grenade Laughs Head Off CAD Format Please!!! Prolapse Viking Punch Bag Grenade 2 READ THE FAQ! Bow And Arrow Spider Pulp Shiction Diary Room

Oh and please! if you can think of anymore/request a method of death, please do so! Just gaz me and i shall do it.

DTH challenged me to a challenge. see the 1st assault here!

In other news;

(will be updated when i can skive more)
Many women find me irresistable*;


(*May not be found irresistable to women)
The Thread Can Be Found Here

Many thanks to Dave The Hat for teaching me
how to animate =D

People have been scared/shocked/offended/contacted the sex offenders register* by my picture *delete as applicable

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Smile for teh camera!!

Apologoes, could have been done better,
at work and only got paint

(Fri 20th Apr 2007, 13:38, More)

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» My first experience of porn

Oh Dear!
Back in thye day when PC's started to become affordable to middle-class people (such as me, and by me i mean my dad) we bought a custom made PC, it was THE BOMB!!! It had a huge monitor etc. After a couple of weeks we got connected to the internet, the 1st time we EVER opened a web page was a momentus occasion, therefore me, my dad, my little sister (about 9 Y/O) and my 70 year old nan, gathered round to see it! the 1st page what opened, and i still canot figure out why it opened, was www.chubbiechix.com (or something). With these fat munters with big gaping cunts right in the middle of the screen. I sniggered, my little sister had a look of confusion, my nan was thoroughly disgusted, and my dad stood up quickly and blocked the screen and did one of them *cough, nothing to see here* things, it was soooo funny.
Guess you just had to be there...

Brand new PC - £1200

Dial-Up internet connection £15 (per month)

Look on Nans face and dads method of dealing with embarassment of fat gaping cunts in front off his 2 kids and mother....fucking priceless!!!
(Wed 31st Jan 2007, 12:42, More)

» Strict Parents

Mates Uncle...
...got banned from driving, then got caught driving while banned thus having to make an appearence in court....then drove to court!!!
(misses the point of the question but just thought it was funny!)
(Sat 10th Mar 2007, 11:30, More)

» The Weird Kid In Class

Guy and Girl.
Twas a very windy day, this litle wierd girl called Angela was literally getting blown away clinging onto the post of a basketball net, the wind was taking her feet! So being a caring pupil to the less fortunate people of my class, we persisted in trying to release her grasp on the post. But despite our best efforts, we couldn't do it. Another wierd kid in my class who at the age of about 5, foolishly put his right hand on a lit gas hob and cremated it, made a hobby of choke-slamming Angela every geography/history lesson. (his hand was similar to that guy on scary movie 3) He run over open-palmed with his crusty hand heading for Angelas face, she let go....the result was VERY funny.

Last seen crusty hand boy....in a pub a couple of miles away from my house greeting me with a hand shake.....

(Mon 22nd Jan 2007, 13:50, More)

» Strict Parents

My Nan's next door neighboor
who still lives with his mom (aged 38), had mice in there house, he was scared to the point that he decided to spend the night, IN BED with his mom! he banned him-slef from sleeping in his own bed.....his mom then died.
(Sat 10th Mar 2007, 11:29, More)