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kitty's been a bad, bad girl

(first photoshop in fucking ages)
(Thu 12th Jan 2006, 23:02, More)

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» The most childish thing you've done as an adult

i have rather large breasts
when i get *really* bored, i blow raspberries on them. it has me giggling like a maniac for ages
(Thu 17th Sep 2009, 22:52, More)

» Irrational Fears

oh yes. something i specialise in = )
huge fear of spiders
a fear of walking on or touching rubbish in the street
a *massive* phobia of chewing gum. watching people with it makes me feel ill, i have to watch where i walk constantly so i don't step on any. that would probably make me physically sick
a fear of asking for help from strangers, though i am getting over that
fears around returning items to stores / asking for refunds
a fear my old school, from the horrors which went on there
a fear of a certain bus stop near me, and people with a certain name, as the last time i saw a person i *really* didn't want to see it was at that bus stop
a fear of the whole of leeds train station, especially the ticket collection booths, and to a lesser extent, all train stations, due to not paying the train fare once 3 or 4 years ago and getting caught
i used to have a fear of the court we kept the rubbish bins in at my old house due to a nightmare i had once of putting the bins out, and it falling over and spilling rubbish everywhere which i then had to clean up, and as i mentioned i hate touching rubbish
a fear of other people's old hair - like if it's on a cushion or something and i'm expected to sit on the cushion
a fear of the whole of liverpool as it's where someone who badly hurt me lived
a fear of the whole of denver for similar reasons, though i'm less likely to need to visit denver than liverpool
a fear of bouncers, they intimidate me, especially as i'm only 5'2"
a fear of weighing scales, though more what they'll tell me i weigh
a fear of public transport - because they're usually so dirty and full of rubbish, plus i expect the people on them to make fun of me
a fear of having people moving around behind me when i dont know what they're doing
a fear of crowds
a fear of loud, noisy, busy, crowded places - especially pubs and clubs. not helped by the fact these places have floors which are usually covered in cigarette butts - see the fear of dirt and rubbish
a fear of becoming my parents - suburban, middle class, decent income, 2 cars, 2.4 children; mediocre, soul destroying and the equivilent of already being dead to me
a *huge* fear of childbirth
a fear of items entering my vagina. it causes large amounts of physical pain, you see. no, i haven't had much sex recently
also due to the one above, a fear of being made to have a smear test. they keep pestering me to go have one you see.

EDIT: oh jesus, this is gonna be on my profile for ever now, isnt it?
(Tue 27th Jan 2004, 14:43, More)

» Encounters with Royalty

i met princess di
i was 8 and in harrods, waiting for the lift with my dad and my brother. she walked past us with 2 bodyguards and smiled at us as she passed us. not as great a story as an aquaintance of mine, who was kissed by her when he was in hospital, having his colostomy bag fitted.
(Thu 3rd Aug 2006, 20:43, More)

» Meeting people from the internet

i think i became quite infamous
for meeting people from b3ta...
(Wed 26th Oct 2011, 22:13, More)

» Books

oh god, i could ramble forever about my favourite books
some perennial favourites include

all of bret easton ellis but especially glamorama
all of jeanette winterson but especially sexing the cherry
all of kazuo ishiguro but especially when we were orphans
all of jon mcgregor
all of jonathon coe but especially the house of sleep
all of margaret atwood
all of david mitchell
all of isabel allende but especially of love and shadows
if on a winter's night a traveller - calvino
eunioa - christian someone i think
the unbearable lightness of being - kundera
the aberystwith books by malcom pryce - detective fiction with a postmodern twist
audrey niffenegger's ones
the master and margarita - bulgakov
death and the penguin - kurkov

non fiction:
the art of looking - alan fletcher
watching the english - kate fox
all points north - simon armitage

um, i think i should stop now. sorry.
(Thu 5th Jan 2012, 17:32, More)
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