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Hii Gayyy's; First Of All Ma Names Becca. 5ft 3 =]
Im 13 14 - 8th August; Almost Youngest In Tha Year, Don't I Jus Rulee! Im At St Johnz, It Sucks Except The Part Bout Bein Wid Yaa Best Friends.

Im Blonde And Yes I [Do] Act It. Im Slow - You May Have To Explain Things A Few Times, Ok? Im A Bitch? Soo I've Been Told. If Your Nice To Me - Im Nice To You. Apperently Im Defencive? Whatever That Means..

I Love Boys; But Love My Friends Wayy More - They Are The Bollocks! I Couldn't Live A Day Without Talkin To Them. Actually I Couldn't Live A Day Without Talking At All! I Speak My Mind A [Bit] Too Much. I Always Say The Wrong Thing. I Laugh At Almost Anything, Even When It Isn't Funny. Im Unpredictable; You Actually Never Know What Im Gonna Say Or Do Next. Im Easierly Amused, So Give Me Sank To Do.

Rose answered questions in "The Me Quiz".
Your biggest fear: omg loads
Your dream job: anythin with bare money
Something you carry with you all the times: phonee !
Your pet peeve: you what?
Last movie you watched: erm , some random film on tv last night , werent even watchin
Best song you ever heard: all drake songs obv
Last thing you said: dickheaddd bye
The best thing that has happened to you this year: loads of stuff
The worst thing that has happened to you this year: loads of stuff
My ex: sucks balls
I love: no one
I don't understand: boys
When I wake up in the morning: i hit snooooze
My past is: messed up but overrr and done with :)
Parties are: sick
I wish: i didnt have a exam tomorrow :)
I am totally terrified of: cats
If I had a million dollars: id spend it all on me lol :)

PS3: rosalicious_
Xbawks: r0salicious
Friend me. Or not. I'd probably kick your arse anyway.


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» God

The true face of God
Very drunk...alone with the dog...watching TV. I turn around to see the face of God in the microwave. It took me at least half an hour to work up the courage to go take a closer look.
I take the dog...it'll be ok.
I get closer...

It's unfuckingmistakable. The beard, the hair, the look in his eyes that says, "Yes child you've sinned, come closer and be forgiven without penance".

My hand quivers as I reach for the door. I open it...

...it's a bucket of KFC.

Best fucking laugh is, I'm the cunt that put it there.

yer yer reposting whore

(Tue 24th Mar 2009, 11:12, More)

» Gyms

im a bird on my own
and there was a moth in the bathroom and that. i couldnt catch it with the fucking hoover pipe and i didnt want to get near it so i killed it with half a fucking can of elnett. i dunno what i thought hairspray would do but basically it didnt stop flying, just dragged its sorry half fucking dead carcass around while shedding several layers of moth-skin until it finally gave up the ghost fifteen long minutes later in the sink where i rammed it down the plughole with the end of daves toothbrush.

i should take this shit to qotw


so yer, i cant be arsed with gyms full of sweaty people innit
(Thu 16th Jul 2009, 8:07, More)