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B3TA gets me through the dark, gloomy days.

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Mother Theresa

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This better mofaha?

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Have a related pea from something else

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Pedro will LOVE this then...

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Ha ha
Have this NWOT

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And this...

FP yay :)
(Sun 12th Apr 2015, 14:12, More)

Hardly a modern invention guys.... ha ha

(Mon 21st Jul 2014, 14:26, More)

compo related repost...

FP'd twice now? Get IN!
(Tue 8th Jul 2014, 11:08, More)

And a repost from about 8 years ago...

(Mon 7th Jul 2014, 10:47, More)

ha ha,
Good a place as any to put this.

(Wed 21st May 2014, 10:04, More)

bindun yet?

YAY!! I knew a cat would get me an FP :) :)
(Fri 15th Nov 2013, 9:38, More)

It really is the meme that keeps on giving.

(Fri 16th Aug 2013, 12:20, More)

C, as a blanca.

Oo FP, TA.

(Fri 9th Aug 2013, 17:05, More)

Not a lot of people know this...

(Tue 1st Jan 2013, 17:07, More)

This one is a real challenge, or easy. I cant work it out...

(Sun 28th Oct 2012, 18:54, More)

Sorry, was in my head this morning....

(Fri 26th Oct 2012, 11:31, More)

I'd love extra minutes....

(Thu 25th Oct 2012, 11:27, More)

Just get this out of the way...

Oo, my first FP, Ta.
(Thu 24th Mar 2011, 10:02, More)

Best answers to questions:

» Old stuff I still know

I can still
guess the age of trees just by looking at their rings.

*edit* sorry not trees, I meant women.
(Wed 6th Jul 2011, 21:03, More)

» Professions I Hate

Them bloody scruffy salesmen you always see sat down outside shops or in the street.
How many times do I need tell you, No, I don't want a bigger shoe.
(Mon 31st May 2010, 18:39, More)

» Bastard Colleagues

Not so much bastard, as thick.
Daft bint in the cube next to me in an old job I had, brought her own landline phone in from home and plugged it in a spare socket under her desk as she was 'expecting an important call'.
On her home number.
I didn't know if she was joking or not until it rang, she answered it with her home number greeting "hello, 557799etc.......how did you know my home phone number.......?"
(Wed 30th Jan 2008, 13:46, More)

» First rude thing I ever saw

My dad
He wasnt the first rude thing I ever saw but he dad have a fantastic collection of European bongological education videos. An entire antler hardcase's worth. I was probably about 8 or 9 when I was searching for hidden christmas presents and found this suitcase which, obviously, must contain my presents. So me and Che, my half caste friend opened the case and were most put out to find nothing but VHS tapes, they didnt even have labels on them for god sake. Anyway we worked are way through them hoping to find transformers the movie, or a new nightmare on elm street but all we saw were naked people trying to climb over each other repeatedly. This was of no use to use so the case was returned where it remained until I was 12/13 and at high school. Suddenly I was Hugh Hefner with my suitcase of porn and two video recorders. I made a killing at a fiver a time for what seemed like every male in the school. And from that small acorn grew the sexually perverted deviant that is typing this now.
(Thu 11th Aug 2011, 15:21, More)

» Amazing displays of ignorance

My sister.
When preparing a recipe asked me what two eggs were in metric.
(Sun 21st Mar 2010, 16:51, More)
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