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This was done for me by Killerkitti with just a discription of what I look like ..... I think it rocks and goes at the top of my profile..It reminds me of myself circa 1981

This is a graffiti done for me by Fiend, and it's great and goes here

Below and in no chronological order whatsoever and no order of preference are some of my own favorite shops that I'v done....

There was no source picture used for this one, it was all done from scratch in photoshop

There was no source picture used for this one, it was all done from scratch in photoshop

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» My Saviour

I am a super hero that quite often comes to the rescue of others, well 4 times so far anyway.
I call my alter ego "Carrier bag man"

It all started about a year ago when I spotted a woman in the city centre, she was struggling with a load of shopping that had fallen all over the floor because her carrier bag had broken, I knew I had a carrier bag in my pocket, so quick as a flash I walked over and handed her the bag and said "would this help?" she looked back and smiled and said "Thankyou" I then seamlessly melted back into the croud from where I had come.

From that day forward I vowed to always carry a carrier bag around with me to come to the rescue of those unfortunate enough to suffer the
same fate as the poor woman did.

So far I have helped 3 others appart from her.

No one knows my identity, no one knows where I come from, no one knows where disapear to, no one knows if I'll be there to help if their bag brakes, all the know is that I AM CARRIER BAG MAN.
(Sat 11th May 2013, 13:32, More)

» Bad gigs

Bob Dylan about 7 or 8 years ago....
He walked on stage dressed in a full lengh black cape, big black hat and sunglasses, didn's say a word and went straight to his keyboard, and stood side on to the audiece (All night long, Just didn't move), and played what seemed like the same fucking basic rythem and blues tune, singing what appeared to be the same lyrics to to the same vocal melody, about 15 times for one and a half hours,he didn't say a single word all night, then walked off stage......

I did not recognise one single song.

Came back on to do an encore, and actually spoke, but only to mumble the band members names.

Then lauched into the encore, which was the exact same tune and vocal melody he'd played 15 times already that night, I did recognise a phrase though, and turned to my friend and asked "Is this (Like a rolling stone)?", he paused before answering " MMmmmm I think it is, pretty sure anyway" the next was all along the watch tower, which again was only recognisable because of a few key words we recognised.

Biggest waste of £45 for a ticket ever and most deffinitely the worst gig of my entire life. every single review agreed.
(Thu 25th Jul 2013, 19:32, More)

» Yum!

You'll only remember these if you are over 40.
The great big home made, hand cut chips, served in a brown paper bag, you used to get from the chinese takeaway, that they all stoped selling in the mid 80's because they all switched the frozen :-(

Failing that and going back to childhood memories, I remember in the mid 70's being presented with a thing called a "brunchie" (Made by birdseye or findus, it was sausage meat, egg and onion formed into a patie and coated in bread crumbs) as a child it was heaven,I make my own these days, pork mince, srambled egg, onion, sage a bit of ketchup and mustard and some salt and black and white peppper, form into patties coat in bread crumbs and fry.

Again from the 70's, Heinz omlete mates, my favorite was the spanish, back then it was the most explosivly exotic thing my 10 year old tounge had ever been presented with.
(Mon 1st Jul 2013, 16:14, More)

» Ask B3ta

I know the advert is anoying, but does anyone know what the music and band is?
(Fri 31st May 2013, 13:20, More)