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» Food sex

The cream boy
I use to work for a popular computer company and one of our services was to repair customers PC for a fee. Anyway, The chap who worked in this department use to have a quick look at customers history and movie files. Some time we use to get some good porn and other times many home movies of parties etc.

So as it happens this customer reports his PC freezes why doing anyway. so this chap (We'll call Peter) sat there most of the day opening and closing files and trying to see what caused the PC to crash. So later that day Peter came running up to me unsure if he wanted to laugh or throw up. It turns out he's found the customers porn stash and inside there are a few "Home" movies. Now they were labeled 1,2 & 3 so poor Peter just opened them up. Now the first contained the customer tossing one off, the second had him pour cream over his man hood then toss one off and the 3rd one the worst of the worst.

The video opens with a towel on the bed. This guy pops into the screen and hold up a tub of cream, he then proceeds to bend over on all fours on this towl with his arse in the air for all to see and pours cream all over his arse. He then continues to rub his hairy backside while fingering his brown eye. He then take a large wooden spoon and jams it right into his crack, pulling it out slowly he turn to the camera holds it up close for you to see this whitish cream covered spoon before sticking it in his gob.

Only 2 girls 1 cup has given me that feeling of "oh my god" since and TBH Peter never looked at customers porn since.
(Tue 11th Aug 2009, 17:01, More)

» Mad Stuff You've Done To Get Someone To Sleep With You

Now i'm a 24yr old lad who watched his fair share of WWF when I was 10 but going back 6 years now and I was dating this lass who loved it - so much so she use to try and wrestle me! now I know what your thinkin I must have been dating Big Daddy but nope she was a size 8 and not very strong...

... So to get laid I had to watch alot of cheesy WWF :(
(Mon 16th Apr 2007, 8:08, More)