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» When Animals Attack

i was stung by a bee once....
Five pounds for a jar of honey......

not mine dont know who to credit it to but i had to post it anyway :D
(Fri 25th Apr 2008, 3:35, More)

» Dumb things you've done

just got back from A&E
dont tell someone who has a stanley. just fuck off.

7 stitches btw
(Thu 3rd Jan 2008, 9:17, More)

» Dumb things you've done

Dumbest thing i ever done?
was pull someone away from a three phase distribution board when they nearly killed themsef reviewing it i would have let that cnut learn why darwin is king. my bad?
(Wed 26th Dec 2007, 21:19, More)

» Pet Peeves

you know what i am going to hate tomorow....
Staying up all night reading this feking stuff.

It's too bloody good. (especialy with a beer)

Anyway you lovely people i realy have to sleep (the umteenth time i have uttered this tonight)

have just realised i am going to have less than 4 hours sleep, am more than a little pissed. and should realy know better. take care

(will probably do the same tomorow)
(Thu 8th May 2008, 1:55, More)

» When Animals Attack

ok i did my joke
serious stuff to follow, whatever happened to dog licences?. i am a responsible dog owner.
i pick up my dogs waste unless it is mostly liquid (my dog has bad guts) i keep him on a lead at all times when he is out unless there are no other dogs anywhere near
(had to start walking him at unsocialable hours not because of my dog being bad)
sorry i should say i have a staffordshire bull terrier and they get a lot of stick. in my personal oppinion (and oppinions are like arseholes everyone has one) staffies are great loving dogs especialy with children
my nephews and neices often rode baron like a poney when he was younger.
that said a lot of kids too young to know the kind of animal they were looking after are allowed to have these dogs.
this i disagree with. i was walking my dog recently and got bit although my dog is well behaved i have had to get in between more dog fights than i would like to.
silly feckers who walk their dog OFF THE LEAD when they have no controll over their animal have caused me quite a few stitches and even more scar tissue (Az will back me on this one) and breathe.. rant over
(Fri 25th Apr 2008, 4:04, More)
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